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Reviews left by AirFlow

Mon, Nov 25 1:48 PM AirFlow review of Eye of a Hurricane by Snowflake
Snowflake great vocal add from you - respect!
Fri, Dec 2 8:19 AM AirFlow review of In Peace by Snowflake
great and wonderful snowflake - perfect for my project :)
Tue, Nov 22 10:23 AM AirFlow review of House on Pluto (For Eternity) by Doxent Zsigmond
great vocal addition - thank you that you published your version :)
Fri, Jan 8 8:29 PM AirFlow review of Miracles (pell) by Snowflake
What a great thing! Thanks for share this with us
Wed, Jun 17 2:23 PM AirFlow review of Shallow Waters by Doxent Zsigmond
I like your chill touch inside this version.. great!
Tue, Jun 16 3:20 PM AirFlow review of Shallow Waters by Snowflake
Awesome vocals and idea...thank you for this idea..
Thu, May 7 1:20 PM AirFlow review of All of The World by cube3
great new awesome work with new ideas!
Sun, May 3 2:23 PM AirFlow review of On the Earth by cube3
Wow-sound is very cool on my Speakers - thanks for the work - interesting more t...
Sat, May 2 2:13 PM AirFlow review of On the Earth (and of the Tree -- A Grounding Meditation) by SackJo22
Sun, Dec 21 9:18 AM AirFlow review of It's YOU I'll Miss by keytronic
Tue, Dec 16 4:55 PM AirFlow review of Holiday Funky Blues by Snowflake
great indeed vocals here, good choice of genre :)
Fri, Dec 12 11:17 AM AirFlow review of Love Is (Top of my Christmas List) by Snowflake
Forgot to write something - this is beautiful awesome in the idea... thank you f...