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We Are Free

uploaded: Wed, Apr 27, 2011 @ 7:38 AM last modified: Thu, Apr 28, 2011 @ 9:52 AM  (replace)
byZep Hurme
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Great vocals by Snowflake. I really like the way she keeps things simple and tries not to showcase her obvious talent in every note. That’s a mark of a pro, IMHO. I tried to keep the arrangement somewhat simple and minimalistic to support the great vocals.
lol - I can’t seem to get this one right. I’ve now uploaded it several times and then I later find out it sounds like crap and have to tweak it again. I can’t trust my own ears anymore it seems … :) (Ear-fatigue)
Samples are MP3 192kbps ABR (average bitrate).
All the vocal/instrument -tracks + two “send effect” tracks are included.
“Send FX1 - Amp simulation” is needed to mix in if you want to get the distorted drumkit sound on channel #05.

Contents of ZIP Archive: Stems

  • /Channel - 01 - Lead voc (Snowflake).mp3 (2.40MB)
  • /Channel - 02 - Back voc (Snowflake).mp3 (3.46MB)
  • /Channel - 03 - Percussions (Zep Hurme).mp3 (1.93MB)
  • /Channel - 05 - Drumkit (Zep Hurme).mp3 (4.29MB)
  • /Channel - 06 - Distorted Synth (Zep Hurme).mp3 (2.75MB)
  • /Channel - 07 - Strings (Zep Hurme).mp3 (1.29MB)
  • /Channel - Send FX1 - Amp simulation (Zep Hurme).mp3 (3.16MB)
  • /Channel - Send FX2 - Delay (Zep Hurme).mp3 (3.88MB)

"We Are Free"
by Zep Hurme

2011 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Share-Alike (3.0)

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Editorial pick

Throughout history, rollicking drums have been used to communicate a change should be a’coming. This simple, yet completely groovy track by Zep Hurme reinterprets the battle cry, in which the relationship of Zep’s heavy drums with Snowflake’s impassioned lyrics and pointed delivery is a great example of a balance of power.