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Kitchen Percussion

uploaded: Tue, Sep 13, 2005 @ 8:44 AM
byThe Institute of Contemporary Music
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Single hit samples of items found in the kitchen.
See "How I Did It"

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  • /Kitchen Percussion/Ceramic Bowl 01.wav (97.53Kb)
  • /Kitchen Percussion/Ceramic Bowl 02.wav (108.33Kb)
  • /Kitchen Percussion/Ceramic Bowl 03.wav (221.31Kb)
  • /Kitchen Percussion/Fring Pan 06.wav (61.79Kb)
  • /Kitchen Percussion/Frying Pan 01.wav (62.42Kb)
  • /Kitchen Percussion/Frying Pan 02.wav (62.54Kb)
  • /Kitchen Percussion/Frying Pan 03.wav (64.14Kb)
  • /Kitchen Percussion/Frying Pan 04.wav (62.54Kb)
  • /Kitchen Percussion/Frying Pan 05.wav (66.09Kb)
  • /Kitchen Percussion/Frying Pan 07.wav (62.19Kb)
  • /Kitchen Percussion/Frying Pan 08.wav (61.49Kb)
  • /Kitchen Percussion/Frying Pan 09.wav (110.10Kb)
  • /Kitchen Percussion/Frying Pan 10.wav (90.72Kb)
  • /Kitchen Percussion/Metal Bowl 01.wav (174.15Kb)
  • /Kitchen Percussion/Metal Bowl 02.wav (273.72Kb)
  • /Kitchen Percussion/Metal Bowl 03.wav (220.99Kb)
  • /Kitchen Percussion/Metal Bowl Small 01.wav (220.43Kb)
  • /Kitchen Percussion/Metal Bowl Small 02.wav (219.71Kb)
  • /Kitchen Percussion/Metal Bowl Small 03.wav (399.00Kb)
  • /Kitchen Percussion/Metal Tray 01.wav (256.48Kb)
  • /Kitchen Percussion/Metal Tray 02.wav (356.24Kb)
  • /Kitchen Percussion/Metal Tray 03.wav (366.40Kb)
  • /Kitchen Percussion/Plastic Jug 01.wav (120.72Kb)
  • /Kitchen Percussion/Plastic Jug 02.wav (136.34Kb)
  • /Kitchen Percussion/Plastic Jug 03.wav (181.15Kb)
  • /Kitchen Percussion/Plastic Yogurt Container 01.wav (79.12Kb)
  • /Kitchen Percussion/Plastic Yogurt Container 02.wav (91.14Kb)
  • /Kitchen Percussion/Plastic Yogurt Container 03.wav (127.62Kb)
  • /Kitchen Percussion/Plastic Yogurt Container 04.wav (72.71Kb)
  • /Kitchen Percussion/Plastic Yogurt Container 05.wav (67.86Kb)
  • /Kitchen Percussion/Plastic Yogurt Container 06.wav (138.70Kb)
  • /Kitchen Percussion/Plastic Yogurt Container 07.wav (68.35Kb)
  • /Kitchen Percussion/Plastic Yogurt Container 08.wav (94.83Kb)
  • /Kitchen Percussion/Plastic Yogurt Container 09.wav (163.85Kb)
  • /Kitchen Percussion/Pot 01.wav (148.83Kb)
  • /Kitchen Percussion/Pot 02.wav (90.37Kb)
  • /Kitchen Percussion/Pot 03.wav (162.38Kb)
  • /Kitchen Percussion/Pot 04.wav (100.96Kb)
  • /Kitchen Percussion/Pot 05.wav (146.22Kb)
  • /Kitchen Percussion/Readme/Readme.txt (707)
  • /Kitchen Percussion/Skillet 01.wav (74.92Kb)
  • /Kitchen Percussion/Skillet 02.wav (70.71Kb)
  • /Kitchen Percussion/Skillet 03.wav (73.45Kb)
  • /Kitchen Percussion/Skillet 04.wav (70.30Kb)
  • /Kitchen Percussion/Skillet 05.wav (70.93Kb)
  • /Kitchen Percussion/Skillet 06.wav (70.58Kb)
  • /Kitchen Percussion/Skillet 07.wav (68.93Kb)
  • /Kitchen Percussion/Skillet 08.wav (70.28Kb)
  • /Kitchen Percussion/Skillet 09.wav (72.77Kb)
  • /Kitchen Percussion/Skillet 10.wav (116.07Kb)
  • /Kitchen Percussion/Skillet 11.wav (152.76Kb)
  • /Kitchen Percussion/Skillet 12.wav (111.02Kb)
  • /Kitchen Percussion/Skillet Lid 01.wav (589.50Kb)
  • /Kitchen Percussion/Skillet Lid 02.wav (255.79Kb)
  • /Kitchen Percussion/Skillet Lid 03.wav (394.13Kb)
  • /Kitchen Percussion/Skillet Lid 04.wav (125.84Kb)
  • /Kitchen Percussion/Trash Can 01.wav (106.80Kb)
  • /Kitchen Percussion/Trash Can 02.wav (124.08Kb)
  • /Kitchen Percussion/Trash Can 03.wav (179.99Kb)

"Kitchen Percussion"
by The Institute of Contemporary Music

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