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FDT1 - Event Horizon (inc stems)

uploaded: Fri, Aug 24, 2012 @ 8:42 AM last modified: Fri, Aug 24, 2012 @ 9:00 AM  (add)
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Trying out my new Roland A30 that has arrived to relieve my ailing DX7!

Stems included, part of the Death 145 series. An experiment with the crossover that exists between various dance genres and prog rock.

and there’s even an excuse for a video with this one!

FDT stands for Funky Dynamic Techno. Feel free to add to this genre!

Modern day pop videos often cost the same as the typical lower budget film or even smaller blockbusters. In today’s modern pop world this is very important as those deemed “safe for public consumption and sneakily fobbing off such claims by the use of soft porn and swear words” quite often aren’t actually any good at all, when the chips are down.

So this video was Andy and Katie’s messy office through the imaginary eyes of a stoned butterfly. Or wasp or bluebottle. Without even bothering to do a cool “hex vision” sort of like a real insect is supposed to see, because that would take more than the length of the song played through once to actually make.

That or Andy dancing, as he likes to dance in this sort of manner. They don’t like it in most clubs for some silly reason. This is counter-productive though as the only place he’s allowed is the DJ booth and the whole joint has to suffer. Andy has suffered for his art, now karma has deemed that you are suffering Andy’s art now.

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"FDT1 - Event Horizon (inc stems)"
by stellarartwars

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