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Rhythm (Pell)

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This is the pell included in my remix Rhythm for the Perspectives Remix Event.

November 2018 I injured my hip, pelvis and back — and as a result I’m still weaning out of a wheelchair. I was on full bedrest for many months and this poem is what it was like to lose the use of my legs. It expanded my mind instead.


by Madam Snowflake

I have rediscovered rhythm

Without legs to walk
I have felt rhythm in my hands
A colorful prism of sound emerging
From keys of black and white


Without feet to dance
I have felt rhythm in my voice
Melodies and words
Like chaienes and tourjettes
Turning in counted time

Without movement or stance
I have felt rhythm in my mind

Like a funnel made of clouds
Wide wide wide
Mind that stretches up through the funnel
Breaking through gravity and the atmosphere
Beyond the moon
And Neptune
And then a jump to light speed

I see the Milky Way
From the outside
It’s long arms slowly swirling
And I float on
Hovering in emptiness
Surrounded by infinite clusters of light

A rhythmic jolt

I am immediately pulled back from outer space
And it all comes rushing back with me
Yes, the galaxies, stars, planets, sun and moon
And are all inside me now
Pulled into the top of my head
Down, down, down
Into my heart
I feel their pulse in my biorhythm
In my breath

A pause
A long, timeless moment of gratitude
Emptying into

A different surging gravity awakens in me
Pulling everything in my heart
Including the galaxies, stars, planets, sun and moon

To an even deeper place
A black hole
The Soul
Of the earth

I am one of many Beings pulled by this force
Every human, every animal
Every breath of every tree
Every drop of water
Fresh and salt
Is with me


In this oneness
In this wholeness
This unified field
Below the subatomic realm

I feel the heartbeat of the universe

Where together we dance
In rhythm

"Rhythm (Pell)"
by Snowflake

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