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Voice of a Stream

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I’ve been contemplating “endings” a lot lately…and tonight this poem emerged.

Voice of a Stream
by Madam Snowflake

I walk in surrounding darkness
Each step bears a heaviness
Could this be the end of the road?

The path ahead is blurred
By my fearful imagination
So I’m stripped of what is present,
Disconnected from what is directly underneath my feet

But by mystical intervention

A gentle wind caresses my face
The gurgling voice of a stream whispers “I’m still here!”
A night bird sings of her aliveness
And a small moth lands softly upon my hand.

“There is no end to the road”
Says the water,

“I wind down the mountain to the ocean
Where at last I become one with the sea
And after a deep dive
I finally return as mist to the sky

Don’t be surprised if next year I serenade you
From a river on a completely different continent!

But what new form will YOU take by then?”

By the grace of this beauty
The heaviness lifts
The mystery of endings and beginnings
Through perspective

And so I keep walking
Focusing step
By step
By step
To the unknown edge of the earth

"Voice of a Stream"
by Snowflake

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