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When Snowflakes Fell And Atoms Divided

uploaded: Sun, Feb 11, 2024 @ 12:10 AM
FeaturingHans Atom, Snowflake
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Narcissus only loved himself and even when the beautiful Echo tried to gain his attention she found herself being ignored as the youth only had eyes for his reflection in the river.

And so with a large bag of freshly seasoned ideas and a quick glance in the mirror I set off on a journey of discovery accompanied by the sounds of roasting musical notes.

Here I have taken Hans Atom’s celeste sample and made it the driving force in the mix. Though at times hidden, it maintains its position as the reason why the rest of the piece evolved. The music conveys life’s journey from river to ocean and the full realisation that great beauty is fleeting and the scars left by nature never heal.

Many thanks to Emily for her contribution and again thanks to Hans Atom for providing the Secret Mixter cake on which I feasted.

Sitting on the edge of a precipice
Painted nails pressed to your lips
You’re imagining
You’re a fragile thing
The leading man will soon appear
Dressed to kill but not to hear
He wants to win
He needs your sin

Talking of the days in the wide beyond
Soon you know she will be gone
Chasing her creatures
With wonderful features
When they’re captured she will display them
Showing trophies of her fine men
Tempting you with new flesh
Always wanting to be direct

"When Snowflakes Fell And Atoms Divided"
by Radioontheshelf

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