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The Saddest Story

uploaded: Thu, Jul 16, 2009 @ 6:13 AM
FeaturingRadiotimes & Don Meyer
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An expansion of Radiotimes “The Saddest Story”.
Although I didn’t directly sample RT in this one, I felt that there was possibly more of a story behind his touching song about a dirty old man.
Many thanks to Don for saving me the trouble with a brilliant track giving me more time to concentrate on the lyric themes and story development.
Vox is posted here.
The fully mastered version I’ve entered into this round of Songfight!.
If you like it feel free to vote, or just have a listen to the other great stuff in this wonderful cauldron of frustrated songwriters.
Meanwhile here’s that dirty old man’s lament;

The Saddest Story

I met her Daddy back in 1969
we shared the scar
the smell of napalm
through the charlie line

and when the war was over
packed our nightmares we went home
I’d often think about him
visions fresh
from in my safety zone

The years rolled on
I’m turning grey
a letter came
the other day
sealed with tears
beyond the years
I opened it
it had to say;

“I’m sorry but your friends no longer here no more
he used talk about you
‘tween the flashbacks
from a faceless war

But he passed away the other May
now little Sarah’s
all grown up
she’s heading west
she starting at the UCLA

“Can you take good care of her?” it said
“She’s quite mature I’m sure
but just like her father was
she is easy led.
Don’t like to impose this debt on you, my friend,
but its a long way back to home
now that her Daddy’s dead.”

She was seventeen and beautiful
and I was old enough
to be put in the ground
She came from Lexington in brown shoes
my defenses weak;
I’m about to become a clown

And she said I’ll be your best friend
when we go for walks and laughs along the shore
but from the moment that I kissed her,
I wondered how long
our love
would last for?

But I’d only call her lover
when its dark
and we’re all close
on our own
and there’s no one around
to shudder
at the thought
of us alone

So I’m gonna buy some new clothes
yes I’m gonna
look the part
I don’t won’t other people laughing at us
cause I’d likely wear something
that would not even make a start
at the fashion show at the old folks home

Oh Sarah
Since I met you
and I’m with you all alone
My whole world’s feeling so much better
with you in my arms
(my face against your mohair sweater)
I guess your Father couldn’t know?

You were seventeen and beautiful
and I am old enough
to be put in the ground
You came from Lexington in brown shoes
my defenses weak,
but I guess I’m
still coming down?

Ahh your Daddy came from Denver
and he never learnt
to drive a car (yeah)
but he had a dream just like yours
that one day
he would be
he would be a star

I guess we’ve all had that dream
even men as old as me!
its a chance for me to live then
(and a life to breathe again)
I was blind
but now
you made me see…

Scomber 2009 x

"The Saddest Story"
by ScOmBer

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Creative Commons
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