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SackJo9000 (The Susan Instrument)

uploaded: Fri, Dec 2, 2011 @ 12:49 AM
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update: uploaded now as sample and with proper license CC BY 3.0

Wouldn’t it be handy to have Susan as back vocals choir ready in your studio whenever you need? Even some 1000 miles away? No problem today! Just download the new SackJo9000(c) - also known as “The Susan Instrument” - FOR FREE! Whenever you think an operatic background would fit. Start the SackJo9000 as a VST instrument and pimp up your mix! You think I got too much wine today? Maybe I did … lol

-> preview mp3 can be listened here

Contents of ZIP Archive: zip

  • /SackJo9000.nki (2.42KB)
  • /SackJo9000 Samples/SackJo16_A1.wav (940.04KB)
  • /SackJo9000 Samples/SackJo16_A2.wav (910.95KB)
  • /SackJo9000 Samples/SackJo16_A3.wav (971.80KB)
  • /SackJo9000 Samples/SackJo16_B1.wav (934.29KB)
  • /SackJo9000 Samples/SackJo16_B2.wav (876.39KB)
  • /SackJo9000 Samples/SackJo16_Bb1.wav (940.38KB)
  • /SackJo9000 Samples/SackJo16_Bb2.wav (876.20KB)
  • /SackJo9000 Samples/SackJo16_C#2.wav (940.61KB)
  • /SackJo9000 Samples/SackJo16_C#3.wav (931.55KB)
  • /SackJo9000 Samples/SackJo16_C2.wav (941.26KB)
  • /SackJo9000 Samples/SackJo16_C3.wav (938.66KB)
  • /SackJo9000 Samples/SackJo16_D#2.wav (962.65KB)
  • /SackJo9000 Samples/SackJo16_D#3.wav (797.71KB)
  • /SackJo9000 Samples/SackJo16_D2.wav (910.61KB)
  • /SackJo9000 Samples/SackJo16_D3.wav (889.50KB)
  • /SackJo9000 Samples/SackJo16_E2.wav (964.02KB)
  • /SackJo9000 Samples/SackJo16_E3.wav (799.83KB)
  • /SackJo9000 Samples/SackJo16_F#2.wav (1,015.73KB)
  • /SackJo9000 Samples/SackJo16_F#3.wav (958.19KB)
  • /SackJo9000 Samples/SackJo16_F2.wav (1,014.67KB)
  • /SackJo9000 Samples/SackJo16_F3.wav (938.48KB)
  • /SackJo9000 Samples/SackJo16_G#2.wav (907.19KB)
  • /SackJo9000 Samples/SackJo16_G#3.wav (958.97KB)
  • /SackJo9000 Samples/SackJo16_G2.wav (886.71KB)
  • /SackJo9000 Samples/SackJo16_G3.wav (940.97KB)

"SackJo9000 (The Susan Instrument)"
by rocavaco

2011 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution (3.0)

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