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uploaded: Sun, Mar 22, 2015 @ 12:49 AM
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The imagery in this meditation is taken from my experience visiting the Los Angeles River at the Sepulveda Dam which has been designated as an urban wildlife preserve.

Water is a powerful image, rife with collective and personal meaning. It is the unconscious. It is emotion. It is feeling. River water has the quality of continual flow despite unseen obstacles that may alter its course, albeit ever so slightly — rocks and other sunken treasure sometimes, but not always, visible under the current.

Each image anchor was chosen with care. I hope the image anchors help guide your meditation without imposing on your journey to the river, and any insight that may be gleaned from this contemplative practice. If you think more space between anchors would be useful, please let me know and I will do an alternate mix,

The foundation of this piece are theta waves. As Jeris explained, theta waves are helpful for eliciting a state of open consciousness where dreams, insight and inspiration are born. Theta brain waves are present during deep meditation and light sleep.

Thank you to TheVillain, Subliminal, Jeris, and Gordon Rosenberg for sharing such beautiful samples. I also incorporated field recordings I made at the Los Angeles river.

Also, lossless version is to large to upload here. If you want an alternate file format, just let me know and I will get it to you some other way.


This is the dream.

You are going to the river.
To reach the river, you walk along a dirt path that runs through a meadow.
The meadow is resplendent.
The sun is shining.
The slightest of breezes kisses your cheek as you walk.
Birds are everywhere.
The path curves. You are not sure what you will see as you continue.
You cross a bridge.

You are at the river.
At the river, you breathe in the smell of the water. You hold it in until you can hold it in no longer…then, release.
You feel your feet on the ground.
You touch the river, the bring your finger to your lips as if to kiss the promise of the flow.

You watch the sunlight on the surface of the water, both opaque and clear.
You watch the water flow.

You return.
You cross a bridge.
The path curves.
You walk through the meadow that is resplendent.

In the meadow, there is both life and death.

A harbinger of resurrection scurries across the path.
A beetle, black as ink.
There are hummingbirds and carpenter bees.
There is the gentle kiss of barest breeze.
It will comfort you upon awakening.


"RESURRECTION (At the River)"
by SackJo22

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