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Bird Water Wind Movement

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I spend a lot of time at the Sepulveda Dam which is a local wildlife preserve in the middle of the city. The LA river runs through the preserve. There is a field of native shrubs and trees. There is the dam. Canadian Geese stop there during migration. There is a year-round population of herons and egrets that live on the preserve. There are mockingbirds, hummingbirds, finches, starlings, sandpipers, hawks, kestrals, osprey, crows, sparrows and black birds with orange epaulets. I find the environment particularly soothing despite being frequently trashed by gangsters, partiers, and transients.

Attached are some field recordings from the dam including the sound of the river water flowing, birds, a jogger along the dirt path. As I frequent the dam with my dog, the sound of her dog tags sometimes makes its way into the soundscape. As this is an urban setting, the sound of planes sometimes appears. And the sound of traffic which I often find similar to the sound of running water, or the waves meeting the shore.

Contents of ZIP Archive: Field Recordings @ Sepulv

  • /birds and white noise.flac (853.86KB)
  • /birds and white noise traffic or water.flac (922.07KB)
  • /birds airplane walking in brush dog-tags.flac (807.98KB)
  • /LA River at Sepulveda Dam.flac (724.50KB)

"Bird Water Wind Movement"
by SackJo22

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