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Now Understand This (IsoDance Remix)

uploaded: Mon, May 4, 2020 @ 7:30 AM last modified: Mon, May 4, 2020 @ 8:40 AM  (add)
byJoel Frijters
FeaturingSpecktacular Speck
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Hey All :) Here is a spoken word piece for the Catalyst Remix Pool! :) Launched into existence by Speck’s great track in Dance of Isolation. Thank you all for your contributions to this site. It is a great celebration of what creative minds can and will do.

I will upload the ‘dry as toast’ vocal next and if you want to use this and need some re-records or this recorded with a different feel I am never far from the mic :)

Otherwise enjoy and I hope this finds you all well! :)

Loose Script:
Now Understand This
When I say that the world as we know it
Is absolutely, definitely at risk
I mean sure we have blasted holes in our atmosphere
Throttled the temperature of this sphere to the boiling point But it will keep on spinning..

Now what I need to speak to you about today is the real threat that we all are facing. The threat to us is not the state of the planet the real threat is suffocating, ever present, globally bought and sold disease of apathy.

Our global ability to do nothing is the real monkey wrench in machine of our survival. Unless there is some true direction and some catalyst for change I mean I know it ain’t pretty but diabetes and gout will take us all down.

Now please don’t take my words as a prophecy, please don’t heed my warning for its own merit but look inside. Please not literally and not only will you rise up and free yourself from the shackles of fear-borne inaction but immediately and forevermore you will be a soldier in the most important war we have ever faced. You will be a peaceful warrior of truth, connection, love in equal measure for their neighbour and people they have never met on the other side of this blue marble. Not because this is some esoteric, lofty moral good but because it is necessary, right and it destroys all manner of apathy, greed and all the things we are not.

From and to all my friends at ccMixter we are the catalyst we are change.

"Now Understand This (IsoDance Remix)"
by Joel Frijters

2020 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution Noncommercial (3.0)

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Editorial pick

Old School funk with modern, prophetic insights, ‘Now Understand This’ is a must listen during these pandemic days. Cure yourself of apathy and disease and join Joel Frijters, Speck and the ccMixter community in becoming a catalyst for change.