Time of Terror Remix Event

Editors' Picks

Fire Fly

Sizzling, spicy, and funky electro downtempo… Scomber’s remix of Whitewolf is ready for your next late night sultry dance party. Catch the groove and join the fireflies in the sky.
Kara Square

Wanderer (Take 2)

Turn it up, hit the road and just go go go until the past is far behind and the future is now. Admiral Bob won’t lead you astray and Sackjo22 will run her fingers through your rock and roll hair. Whew!

That's All I Want To Do

It is no secret that spinningmerkaba’s mix of panu’s fall together pell is a stellar yet unvarnished Americana band jam worthy of playback on any back porch on a warm summer night.


EPIC and INSPIRING. Madam Snowflake’s downtempo alternative rock pop remix of bangcorrupt is so cool it brings chilling goosebumps to the arms. It’s so powerful it brings hope to the darkness… like a firefly.
Kara Square

Coffee & Lullabies

by: Jeris
Jeris’remix is a warm blend of genres and tones that dance around @CrazyLittleAsian’s vocal melody and lyric. What a great pairing this is for pulling at the heartstrings.


They say the neon lights are bright on Broadway. Scomber makes them shine brighter than a supernova with this wonderful production.

A perfect song to listen too to brighten even the darkest moods. It’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face.
Mana Junkie

Still Love You.

Loveshadow’s treatment of SHA’s I still love you is beautiful, polished, elegant and touching. A top notch mix with his special touch. His treatment of her vocalsl and his is pure magic.
I’m still waiting to sign up for the LS master class on mixing.

Coffee & Lullabies

Simply Beautiful is all I can say about this mix by raja_ffm. It’s a beautiful song to listen to while sitting out on the deck, sipping coffee and listening to the rain as it falls from the heavens.
Mana Junkie

am i too late

by: panu
Sparkling, dreamy pop perfection. Panu’s arrangement for @CrazyLittleAsian’s beautiful, yet heartbreaking ballad expertly supports the vocals with sizzling drums, melodic synth, and sentimental guitar.
Kara Square

Little Brown Jug

Upbeat, happy, delightful electronic instrumental with driving beats. Apoxode’s remix of a plethora of ccMixter artists is creative and uplifting. Push play when you need a “Little Brown Jug” break.
Kara Square

Holding Tighter

Emotional orchestral pop with a slow sung build into an energized rap. Captivating vocals by WolfFly. Enthralling, responsive arrangement by Dysfunction_AL.
Kara Square

way to love

This powerful, exciting hard rock remix by sleeperspaceborn takes Spinningmerkaba’s inspiring vocals and pushes them to 11! ROCK ON.
Kara Square

Let Me Breathe Again

Singing from the heart, mykleanthony shares his somber truth with the world. Dysfunction_AL’s dynamic composition tenaciously supports Mykle’s courageous lyrics. Listen with headphones and shut your eyes. It will stir your soul.
Kara Square

I'm in Love

by: Rewob
Happy music! Remixing samples from Little Septahelix Ditty 1, Rewob creates timely uplifting electronic disco dance music that surely gets the body moving.


by: 7OOP3D
Epic, inspiring, and dynamic electro remix. 7OOP3D feature Madam Snowflake’s soulful vocals, Patronski’s passionate lyrics, and Admiral Bob’s soaring guitar solo. Push play and Break the Silence.
Kara Square
Play 8:46