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Editors' Picks

Smooth & Elegant
by ScOmBer

Listen to this downtempo, pop rock gem. ... (more)

Mr Sun
by Rewob

Sunshine is getting in the way of this l... (more)

Letting Go
by Vidian

With ambient game music sounds, Vidan’... (more)

Is It Too Early To Panic?
by Radioontheshelf

Brilliantly cinematic and dramatic. Radi... (more)

Life Is But A Dream (1)
by J.Lang

A great late summer/fall mix that elevat... (more)

by airtone

Grab your headphones, close your eyes an... (more)

The Rebellion Goes On
by Admiral Bob

Thought-provoking electro spoken word dr... (more)

Ordinary People
by Zep Hurme

Rock out with Zep Hurme and Scomber! “... (more)

Waiting for You
by Rewob

Rewob adapted Snowflake's Waiting in the... (more)

You Got Freedom (1)
by Apoxode

Exciting electronic track with breakbeat... (more)

Nadeya (ft. Afroganic)
by Rewob

High energy EDM with a late 80s/early 90... (more)

Inside Outside
by GregKrezos

Greg Krezos teams up with Snowflake and ... (more)

When The Whale Became A Superhero (2)
by Radioontheshelf

An exciting cinematic mix with a whale s... (more)

Ghosts - Interlude (2)
by 7OOP3D

From Hamburg with love, 700P3D shares sm... (more)

A Waking Dream (Lili Butterfly mix) (1)
by Speck

A delicate mix full of compassion and em... (more)

Sundrown (1)
by Robert Warrington

Robert Warrington teams up with unreal_d... (more)

Whale Rider (1)
by SackJo22

Joyous and jazzy spoken word collaborati... (more)

echolocation (2)
by airtone

Ambient downtempo with an aquatic feel. ... (more)

Cetacean Meditation (2)
by Zenboy1955

Let Zenboy1955 take you on an ethereal t... (more)

Ocean Dreams Meditation (2)
by Kara Square

New Age meditative ambient. Let SackJo22... (more)

Straight To The Top (1)
by spinningmerkaba

Swirling, psychedelic and buzzing with h... (more)

Numbers (1)
by ScOmBer

Positive, hooky and deeply inspiring, Sc... (more)

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