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Editors' Picks

by Dysfunction_AL

Filled with tension and overflowing with... (more)

Showbiz For The Ugly (2)
by Andrew Wainwright

Listen to this politically-fueled rap wi... (more)

Blue (1)
by One Project

"Blue" is a genial dance track made by O... (more)

What Is This Love Of
by Speck

In this latest sonic Speck-tacle a brill... (more)

This Wall
by Admiral Bob

The Admiral has created an anthem. In t... (more)

Independence Day (3)
by Hans Atom

What I like best on this track is that H... (more)

Nothing Lasts Forever (2)
by Speck

Speck is one of the most creative artist... (more)

Falling (You And I) (1)
by Siobhan Dakay

Falling is a wonderful love song produce... (more)

Nasty Woman (1)
by texasradiofish

TexasRadioFish showcases what ccMixter i... (more)

Altar(native) (1)
by Siobhan Dakay

This remix is a mesmerizing masterpiece ... (more)

Probably Shouldn't (1)
by Stefan Kartenberg

Putting the FUN in funky, Stefan Kartenb... (more)

Delirious Fate (1)
by PorchCat

Delirious Fate is beautifully dark and m... (more)

Who We Are
by Hans Atom

Hans Atom has hit again. "Who We Are" i... (more)

Key Of Love (Blue) (1)
by Quarkstar

Tune in here and you will find a lovely ... (more)

Recommencer Toi et moi (2)
by Bluemillenium

Trés Erotique. Break beat paired with ... (more)

It Just Might Be (1)
by panu

This is absolutely loverly! A heart-warm... (more)

Electric Lady Supastar (1)
by Scomber

How about a catchy robot love song? Sco... (more)

Neighborhood Girl (2)
by Stefan Kartenberg

Sometimes less is more they say... Stef... (more)

A Safe Distance (2)
by Dan_Mantau

Are you looking for a perfect Valentine'... (more)

Burn the Fence
by PorchCat

Tired? Angry? Worried? Pump up the volum... (more)

The Talking Stone (1)
by Robbero

Ready to get trapped by steel drum melod... (more)

Barbed Wire Fence (1)
by spinningmerkaba

spinningmerkaba starts the new year with... (more)

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