Break the Silence Event-extended!

Editors' Picks and Hot Tracks

Editors' Picks

Look around, boys
by Stefan Kartenberg

Punk alternative rock that sizzles with ... (more)

Love is my Road (Back to You)
by Siobhan Dakay

Alternative pop perfection with an epic ... (more)

Exhale (1)
by sparky

Sparky’s Remix is powerful with a pow... (more)

I Am a Man (1)
by SackJo22

With her deep bass and groove along Hask... (more)

Like the Rain (1)
by Apoxode

Combine some hip little kids and a blist... (more)

Break the Silence
by Snowflake

Powerful and touching. Madam Snowflake g... (more)

I Can't Breathe (septahelix remix)
by septahelix

Dynamic ambient trip-hop that shines a l... (more)

Full Moon Bathtub (Breaks Mix)
by Apoxode

Breakbeats lifting ambient tones make "F... (more)

BLM (I Can't Breathe)
by Jihfa

Hip-hip that hits the heart. Jihfa’s r... (more)

Breathe - BLM Mix
by J.Lang

Powerful downtempo track with a message.... (more)

I Can't Breathe (1)
by Admiral Bob

A peaceful ambient tribute to George Flo... (more)

here to stay (2)
by sleeperspaceborn

Exceptional performances in this heartfe... (more)

Afrer Hours ( Remix ) (1)
by Dysfunction_AL

Dysfunction_AL applies stellar creative ... (more)

by Subliminal

It's a time for uniting, Subliminal's tr... (more)

Stay Calm
by Dysfunction_AL

Inspiring EDM full of sparkling joy! Dys... (more)

by Snowflake

Chill, downtempo remix with ethereal voc... (more)

There's A Place
by Loveshadow

Ambient, immersive downtempo pop. Lovesh... (more)

Piece of the Moon
by Scomber

Dark electro pop with soul-stirringly po... (more)

the road back
by sleeperspaceborn

You wait for the Sleeper bus for ever..a... (more)

You Keep On Running
by DreamMachine

Loud. Huge. Spatial. Driving. ROCK Music... (more)

by Kraftamt

Sassy electronic dance music! Kraftamt b... (more)

Stayin @ Home - Kara Square and Piero Peluche (1)
by Piero Peluche

Piero Peluche's pop wobble punk remix of... (more)

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