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Editors' Picks

Earth is Burning (1)
by unreal_dm

Absolutely top notch song writing and vo... (more)

And I wish (3)
by Loveshadow

Reminiscent of the very best U2 or Remy ... (more)

Welcome To Quarkstar (1)
by Loveshadow

As the capsule breaks free of earth's gr... (more)

Having Fun (4)

Featuring important vocals from the Poet... (more)

Get Up! (3)
by Kara Square

Just love how Kara treated this mix, mak... (more)

Saint Martins Lane (1)
by Scomber

Scomber rises to the Secret Mixter chall... (more)

1033 (3)
by onlymeith

Onlymeith + Vidian = MASSIVE DANCE PARTY... (more)

Love Shadow (5)
by rocavaco

Rocavaco takes us on a magically rhythmi... (more)

no one really truely (6)
by urmymuse

The unique glimmer of the guitars of urm... (more)

You Cost A Fortune (2)
by panu

Panu has created a most excellent advent... (more)

Make a Change (Jazzy mix) (1)
by CSoul

CSoul lays down a fabulously bluesy jaz... (more)

Denk an dich (2)
by Stefan Kartenberg

This lovely pop rock lullaby is reminisc... (more)

Blue Bison (punk fantasie) (2)
by Speck

If I could choose one track to carry wit... (more)

softer but stronger (1)
by colab

Colab’s beautiful electro pop remix fe... (more)

Fell Out Of The Sky (Andy's Liquid Mix w/stems) (1)
by stellarartwars

Catchy EDM pop rock with exciting beats,... (more)

Heads Held High (3)
by timberman

Listen to this powerful pop rock collabo... (more)

Supernatural (mash-up)
by Speck

The best of the best of the best… Spec... (more)

Somethin' Bout Me
by Kruzzial

1st: This is Not Safe for Work. Now… t... (more)

That'd B U (1)
by Loveshadow

Superbly classy and sexy Loveshadow tune... (more)

Bob Will Justify (4)
by @nop

Crazy cool genre-mashing electro-acousti... (more)

Baby don't be shy (2)
by Scomber

Awwww yeah! In the mood for some funk? P... (more)

Mr. Wozzie (1)
by Robbero

This dark and mysterious hip-hop instrum... (more)

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