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Editors' Picks and Hot Tracks

Editors' Picks

Jazz on Redial (2)
by Scomber

This groovy, jazzy number is a must list... (more)

Dear moon, (ft. Doxent) (1)
by robwalkerpoet

Imagine a dark, magical night... look up... (more)

Miss Miss Kiss Kiss
by Zep Hurme

Zep's post-punk pop-esque treatment of t... (more)

Higher (2)
by snowflake

Snowflake's remix of Earritation featuri... (more)

Hearts on Fire
by Scomber

Scomber's take on Panu's "Da Brum" is a ... (more)

Life (1)
by spinningmerkaba

This hypnotic glitchy spoken word piece ... (more)

ccMixter See What You've Done
by wrenchbiscuit

wrenchbiscuit's powerful dystopian elect... (more)

Late Nigtht Tribe (4)
by earritation

ccMixter newcomer, earritation, lays dow... (more)

ELEMENTALITY Feat. Plegio (1)
by earritation

A deep electronic groove and a haunting ... (more)

by keytronic

If you want to know why I love Ccmixter ... (more)

Say Goodbye (3)
by unreal_dm

The band is tight and Unreal_dm's guitar... (more)

Pathways of the Mind (3)
by Kara Square

This track is as good as any urban conte... (more)

Raynardine ....
by VickyDan

Escape for a moment… to a fairyland wi... (more)

It's An Illusion (2)
by Speck

Grab your headphones and head over to th... (more)

Garnet Wine .... (2)
by VickyDan

When Vicky Dan mixes in Ciggi Burns some... (more)

Come Home (2)
by Alex

The Andromeda Theatre will soon go dark,... (more)

Fast and Furious
by Shelflife

Shelflife took Hans Atom's heavy hitting... (more)

CalendarGirl - June (Elijah Lucian One Hour Beat) (4)
by Elijah Lucian

Elijah Lucian's nu-pop remix of Calendar... (more)

TraLa (4)
by Admiral Bob

This warm and delicate classic-feeling c... (more)

Destroy The Shadows (2)
by Alex

Funking great track with an infectious b... (more)

Ersatz (6)
by Hans Atom

Hans Meister bursts on da seen with a tr... (more)

Could Be (2)
by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)

Martijn delivers a smoove, spooky, spati... (more)

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