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...ed alice. she was serving a large basket of fries to some teens in a corner booth. he cracked a smile knowing that some things nev
...].” indeed. and deserving of a river sea shanty, thought i. as soon as i started listening to it, [i]shenandoah[/i] came to mi
...working my day job, serving my community, and taking care of my household. i am happy to have this opportunity to make something.
what are you conserving kara square's uke, marimba and whistling (big thanks for sharing). my usual complaintive musings. i wonde...
...rough and complex deserving a try out on this mix. the results lacked sparkle; went back to the trf signature mid-side mastering ap
...nto the grubby self serving people eager to take on the world. pubescent but still pretty. can you hear the sound of laughter
...ture and science observing firsthand all my wrongs reconciled through harmony with the land in a place i can hide runaway fro
...ture and science observing firsthand all my wrongs reconciled through harmony with the land in a place i can hide runaway fro
...out, beefs what i'm serving now, i keep my mics flexed and you wana run that mouth, you best sort out what this mess is all about, b
..." biosphere) 0:45 (serving secret needs) 0:50 *sowing seeds* 0:51 (stored inside a rocket probe) 0:56 (harbors wild rose see
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...ntly through time serving the needs of the deepest reflective mood. with countless distinctions, honored and dithyrambic reviews,
observing907 observing907
...nsive liquor you're serving, you need to pair it with wine decanters that look stunning and speak of quality in just one glance. [b
...ion member of staff serving at table incloses declined significant”. julien laurat as well as his / her crew on pierre along w
...iate with a regular serving of yogurt! always remember, there are key times where you have to be more vigilant on taking your yogurt
...sql member of staff serving at table catalog order, 17 pluralsight sequences and possess engraved over 3200 piece of writing about t
...a advantages next observing feature to have them for making significance, similar to exactly how biomimicry utilizations life meant
...the member of staff serving at table area an individual must assemble that every basic is alive constrained in order that it contain
...the member of staff serving at table segment people really should dispose that many major is there constrained in order that it can
...ely member of staff serving at table software raises for that getting the gist info: collective repute (that is. ), neatness star mo
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lomeg_rom : voodles on contiguity: the power of: "observing body and space" bk at lomeg_rom : voodles on contiguity
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review of 'full moon bathtub (breaks mix)' by 'kara square' yes! i'm really digging this, apoxode. totally ed pick deserving. your use of...
review of 'so much time ...' by 'kara square' yeah! hella cool. got a classic serving of guitar cake merged with zippy, snappily orchestr...
review of 'what are you conserving' by 'siobhan dakay' lol. yes. nice. luckily this is not about politics...
review of 'what are you conserving' by 'kara square' smiling ear to ear... your lyrics are clever as heck and spot on. man, i love how yo...
review of 'what are you conserving' by 'soundtails' sweet its not money for sure! i gave up my car years ago (mistake). all i wanted was ...
review of 'perspectionality' by 'speck' i'm perceiving "he's serving with this little french packet". and a cool, well considered, engros...
review of 'it's not silly!' by 'radioontheshelf' well deserving of the edpick. great fun but with some excellent production skills to ge...
review of 'aquila' by 'duckett' deserving of the overused term "epic"! huge guitars.
...gth of the electric serving as fitting musical symbolism for maybe not only our human existence, but maybe even all of life: very fr
...ce the trumpet is deserving but gives this track such a drive. bob-funk.
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... i'll curb the self-serving aspect to only sometimes include songs that are remixes of mmt or tsan songs. hope you dig the show!
...i] -- carl sagan serving up some sweets -- chocolate, candy, cookies and more. mmmm. delicious.