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...s death he is still relevant not only in jazz but in the whole field of music. good music transcends its genre and so it is her
...the chairman of the relevant body, harvey bradshaw. he said the environment agency and water suppliers were stepping up measures to
...look for her in the relevant online places where the queens of the north end quarter offer their services to see in which house she
...modern love, and as relevant today as it was in the past era of peace and love, one big step for man and one great leap for mankind,
nothing changes went back a few years for this one but the words unfortunately are still so relevant. sparse backing track to let kara...
broken media we discovered these spoken words from colin mutchler. sadly, the meaning is (again/still) more relevant than ever ... as ...
... that are even more relevant today. it took ais while fully understand (if so) what he has created. now been assigned to joel ak
... seems all the more relevant in today's ecological climate ( or messed up climate ) ! ,media,remix,bpm_095_100,attribution,audio,mp3
...ugh prime-time is irrelevant with streaming and a dvr i haven't seen much in that time slot that shouldn't be rated r they do
...ere government is irrelevantâ  but some things never change we live in a worldâ  that’s cruel and absurd violence is endless
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...hoose only the most relevant piece of information to compile our articles. in the same manner, before getting down to a review of th
...n searching so that relevant results are found. once the websites are scanned and the information from [url=
...stry for everything relevant to [b][url=]mitsubishi ductless[/url][/b] air conditioner along with fuji
...tion records to the relevant authorities through the environmental consultant. practices like this have ensured that sustainable dev
... with the aim of is relevant to treating school data to get assessment woods, which might be subsequently utilized to classify data.
...hod, which often is relevant to the usage of a controlled form of gene, pray improve aptitude regarding investigator to build thousa
... cheaper along with relevant with a better volume of osteo-arthritis sufferers, the examiners demand. facing storing your current du
...he process, that is relevant to using a adjusted form of gene, yearn for improve power associated with analysts to get thousands con
relevant relevant consciousness a creative spirit in many genres.
irrelevant irrelevant
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review of 'two brothers (trad.)' by 'radioontheshelf' another fine example of what makes traditional guitar still relevant in modern time...
review of 'more positive vibes' by 'speck' nice. the treatment of kara's vocals provides a certain wholly relevant reverence. [up][/up]
review of 'closed on sundays' by 'whitewolf' relevant and profound. actually brought on a little bit of the eye watering, thank you! i ne...
review of 'pandemic blues' by 'whitewolf' i love this! your smokey vocals are perfect, and your lyrics are so relevant! thank you so much...
...f musicianship is irrelevant as we should contribute regardless of what others would think. ( that's how i perceive it anyway )
...n with a powerfully relevant message stirs something in my gut. excellent, excellent lyrics. "while his goblins slash and gut our st
review of 'getting older' by 'speck' very nice (and particularly relevant to my past week).
review of 'old man's fancy' by 'jbmixer' i wanna cringe because the words are [i]too[/i] relevant, but the remix is so energetic and well...
... the theme still is relevant is nothing but a tragedy.
review of 'minimal sleep (assume an hour)' by 'timberman' your 564:th composition here and you're still being relevant and interesting. ...
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...ack is every bit as relevant and i was recently contacted by a guy called dj kikk, to let me know about a remix he has made. if you
... don't think that's relevant. cheers, rev. ken
relevant event at the dana centre london, uk. hi all, is anyone going to this [url=
... them all, just the relevant ones...
...plies to this post, relevant urls to the audio files along with your username, and i will contact the winners. the playlist does not
...ntly that i feel is relevant in regards to ccmixter and perhaps the entire 'copyright revolution.' it comes from the song sadie by j
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... if you point me to relevant ccm tracks of this genre. thanks!