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x-refugee note: midi project designed to showcase samples created with cherry audio's "elka-x" vst instrument (based on the 1980s "synthe...
... wanted to add some instruments. and suddenly chordify tells me that my song is 130 bpm fast and bb major. i was still drunk from th
...rce=chromaphone vst instrument (applied acoustics systems) sound processing: "noises" vst instrument (audio thing) reverb: fog con
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...ix. i only use real instruments or analog machines, no computer, neither for playing nor for mixing.
...fusing with organic instruments and my voice :p i dj and sing (at the same time), do dance covers for songs/ice skate, and plan+
...hen i squeeze it it feels as though it has a life of its own."
...ux), free synth and instrument libraries.
mad_beet bernard l'ermite i play beatmaker; i make instrumentals for signers to sing over. or the other way around; i make music around a...
zenboy1955 zenboy1955 i prefer to use free and/or open source virtual instruments and effects. also, i do not even own a keyboard or midi...
...l use of any of the instrumentals or samples i post, seek negotiation through ccmixter admin or via our facebook page https://www
... bandar yang secara instrumental diabaikan tidak mungkin website togel mengalami kemajuan karena agen sekarang suara yang diturunkan
sharamusica shara i do improvisations with my loop station. my main instrument is my voice, sometimes i play guitar, percussion or other ...
girlwhofeelsheartbroken girlwhofeelsheartbroken
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music instrumental amiable sky by texasradiofish _ no( copyright )2020 music tech top
noir42 - starlight (instrumental) noir42
welcome in the intox experimental electro instrumental fashion film videolifeworld
what my family says alternative aquarius service user conference 2018 version instrumental keeron forshaw
kingsglaive nyx ulrictribut [aussens@iter - melancholia instrumental] bardin ingrid lavellan
kingsglaive nyx ulrictribut (aussens@iter - melancholia [instrumental]) bardin ingrid lavellan
texasradiofish - funky butts (instrumental funk) high high
"sudden goodbye"synth/electronic/instrumental music videolifeworld
saturdays basement techno, funky, pop, electro, instrumental 2014 videolifeworld
creative commons hip hop instrumentals - bassment fm johndope
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review of 'whispers' by 'radioontheshelf' absolutely brilliant!! wonderful interplaying of the instruments around a great vocal which ...
review of 'an ordinary day' by 'kara square' oh yeah, i dig the vibes. feels like a refreshing rain (and glad to hear you got some in ca)...
review of 'smoke deep comb instrumental' by 'rizkeyg' smoove !
review of 'nice instrumental 2022' by 'texasradiofish' [blue][b]nice![/b][/blue]
review of 'cut off your head' by 'kara square' love it! great story and delivery. perfect with cube3's epic instrumental.
review of 'mary was a spiritualist' by 'zenboy1955' haunted musical well as composers? terrifying. your representation...
review of 'mary was a spiritualist' by 'apoxode' dope and trappy, it sounds like what it feels like peaking :) [up][/up][up][/up] mig...
review of 'blue eye bolero' by 'apoxode' euphoric! love the spacing of instruments and the variety :) [up][/up][up][/up]
review of 'blue eye bolero' by 'javolenus' great--very groove-tastic. also dig the instrumentation. and the mix is well balanced. really ...
...bit of depth in the instruments. ambiance. echoes and reverb. and you could have added crisp percussion. with these ingredients the
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...ent run at keyboard instruments, guitar, and drums. the one thing i can't do is sing. i've been releasing my music on [url=http:
...ow. i mixed with an instrumental by angus skrim, which they posted on their web site but without an explicit
...ooking for singers, instrumentalists and lyricists. let's show the world how awesome ccmixter is. [u][b]how can you help?[/b][/u] explore modes of instrumental and vocal music in which performers' individual capabilities and the circumstances of a particular
...efit from a genuine instrumental bass line (instead of synth, for example) then please get in touch! cheers, andrew
...e using it in a per-instrument basis. or maybe both types should be used? any thoughts?
remixed link the mixter has so many features nowadays it feels selfish to ask about another one. i will run the risk of selfishness. o...
...every original solo instrument track and a cappella. no bs. [url=]get them here...[/url]
... do with downtempo, instrumental hip-hop, electronica and breaks. come visit us!
... of the product but instrumentals are ok too. please use the 'amarok theme' submit form so they can track the uploads. thanks,
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upbeat instrumentals
lo-fi instrumental chillhop
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raggae instrumental reggae
music for film instrumental music_for_film
folk instrumental folk
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