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...utes[/i] italian composer ernesto de curtis reportedly copyrighted come back to sorrento in 1905. he died in 1937. italian copyri
moodless refrain (ft. quiana nadine) 62 bpm triphop it can be therapeutic to compose and produce a remix, especially after a restless ...
...f the greatest film composers ever. ,sample,media,ccplus,bpm_070_075,non_commercial,audio,mp3,44k,stereo,vbr,archive,zip,bass,fretle
mcluhan bot me speaking a quote from marshall mcluhan put through a vocoder, with midi motif composed by me on the spot. text is a short ...
machinal music composed for a theatre production machinal this infamous american play from the 1920s puts the modern female experienc...
realisations up to 60% of the human adult body is water. the brain and heart are composed of 73% water, and the lungs are about 83% wate...
joyful in the sunrise (feat. urmymuse) mini-orchestral symphony, featuring piano composed by urmymuse. slowly builds from a warm but slig...
i breathe i was very lucky to draw ant survila and work with these beautifully composed and recorded stems. with such an inspired foundat...
brbk98 composed a modal melody and created a short track using midi & vst plug-ins. will add dry stems. note: beat is 9/8. ,sample,media,...
... canadian musician, composer and producer. she has released music under the name lisa debenedictis, drawing on various genres such a
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jansmusic jansmusic producer and composer. make acoustic and electronic music. passionate about loops, sample libraries and field recordi...
antsurvila ant.survila i compose soundtracks
...o far to find it. i composed all the songs. i also recorded all the tracks and did the final mix. i only use real instruments or ana
nuddlle a.g.a. charlie i am a vocalist, pianist, film composer and songwriter based in london. making music is for me the only way to ful...
...rld completely. all compose and produce songs are by himself. check out his soundcloud and his other streaming platform, spotify and
thejewishcomposer thejewishcomposer
ninio_artillero nio artillero composer, producer and artist researcher.
taylor_clark the limnerz lead singer, violinist, violist for the limnerz band. compose original symphony scores as well.
composergirl composergirl
thesamepersons thesamepersons the same persons are a russian electronic duo, composed of twin-brothers alexey yaschenko and stanislav yas...
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“seeking sky” is a work composed by kamuki mishima... • ammonia avenue julio ngel escajedo
two romantic piano trios by women composers streicher trio
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review of 'history repeating' by 'speck' beautifully composed. much enjoyed. [up][/up][up][/up]
review of 'stepping out' by 'sackjo22' super arrangement, great vocal performance and terrific lyrics. bravo!
... track. bravo on a terrific remix!
review of 'generic chase scene' by 'speck' another incredible piece, so well composed and that guitar is fantastic. [up][/up][up][/up] i...
review of 'redeemed' by 'sackjo22' terrific feel and sound. welcome to ccmixter!
review of 'dove' by 'admiral bob' some great terrific wes montgomery style playing from haskel that eventually turns a little srv on "fir...
review of 'and she goes not yet' by 'sackjo22' terrific atmosphere. i love the sounds from annabloom. thanks for including me! with a vocoder? terrific. my inner voice julia forbids me such little differences. as a goddess of love, she is very strict in t
review of 'mary was a spiritualist' by 'zenboy1955' haunted musical well as composers? terrifying. your representation...
review of 'melange' by 'speck' exciting mix, well composed and much enjoyed. [up][/up] who's vocals? admiral bob? needs attribution?
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...artist" "grouping" "composer" "comments" "genre" or even artwork but right now it's joust downloading the songs without ay cc
...een 1977 to 2003 he composed a cycle of seven operas called licht ("light"). the licht cycle deals with the relationships between th content. it's a terrific resource, and has been particularly useful to me as i help to run a summer activity holiday for 14-17
...talented people who compose music with publicly available music. i've seen the remix competitions that ccmixter puts on, and they
...cmixter is a really terrific place with some really awesome people involved in it. maybe at some point, i'll submit again but for no
...url] [b]violet composer[/b] an open source, modular, pattern based music composer (tracker) with a very open architecture, aim
...ssion. we've got a terrific line-up of speakers: * [url=]rick prelinger[/url] ([url=h
... wav packed used to compose these tracks: your participation is more than welcomed! ps
help needed for music attribution hi there, does anyone know what is the procedure if the composer of the music i used in my video is ...
sample packs used in session1 album (feat. mellissa k.) in a review, porchcat asked if i could post the elements used to compose the trac...
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... since it is solely composed of various mixter's works using female vocals from the very rich treasure trove the many gifted women o
...merican society for composers, authors and publishers. this event especially honors the art of writing and composition. ccmixter
...ine to them and are composed using electronic instruments.