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...s melody is average compared to her own possibilities. but measured against the possibilities of others still the best there is on t
... some shadows here (compared to your older mixes). but this side of the muscial musikpirat is a very adorable side. the rhythm sect
...layer of discomfort compared to the sweet high tones, nice contrast.
...r ccmixter material compared to our more recent fare as well. is so perfect! compared to rem, or madonna, or pink floyd, or any good music from the past or present, the difference is only t
review of 'anyotherday' by 'siobhan dakay' wonderful. i adore your nearly minimalistic setups this is compared to your regular mixes pret...
...s a bit too upfront compared to the (very funky) backing tracks.. sounds like the original recording was on the hot side, i know wha
...e usa great again. compared to the acquiessing blandness of obama he is a bit of a handfull but he makes great entertainment. jo
...little fight can be compared to the rhythm that appears to get out of time slowly but returns back to line later. flashback introd
review of 'loveshadow - break free (cdk mix)' by 'spinmeister' love it! cool work on changing the tempo compared to the original. could b... mood you created compared to the reference track i used to create that solo. great work man!!![up][/up]
...oroughly successful compared to your declared fumbles with instruments...i personally fumble on all fronts but endeavor nonetheless,