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...i took that single, combined sample, pitched it down 4 octaves using ableton's complex pro warping engine, put it into a sampler, an
...s chill remix, so i combined the two and added my own flavour. ,media,remix,bpm_150_155,multiple_formats,preview,sample,non_commerci
...e was of good use - combined with the mpk. the core of the drums comes from a tr8, additional percussions from some random drumkit.
...e was of good use - combined with the mpk. the core of the drums comes from a tr8, additional percussions from some random drumkit.
... of uplifting music combined with sad lyrics, so i wrote lyrics reflecting recent experiences we both had. it's sad... but full of h
... track is all parts combined, unmixed and no fx. i hope there is enough here to carve a mix out of. a 128 bpm drum loop, bass, and
life goes on i found this nice and melancholic "rhodes to blue" by javolenus and combined it with the bass & guitar from "into the j" by...
...eshadow songs and recombined them with new melodies to fit his instrumental leviathan - edited just to fit the song format that emer
...covid situation. i combined it with excerpts from a book about the psychological impact of quarantine, read by a computer voice (s
if i could i’d love you a remix of the very funky "wanderer (take 2)" by admiral bob combined with the vocals from "the mufti men (civ...
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...ary makers who have combined their areas of expertise in order to provide a free internet audio book, anecdotal story and social his
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combined speaker.wav dstruct
f3. ship bell-combined samples.aif hammerklavier
saizeria_11pm_combined_4chsurround_.wav markystar
earth_combined.mp3 lostchocolatelab
fire_combined.mp3 lostchocolatelab
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... additions are well combined and show musical sensibility. thank you for the time you spent with me in this period
review of 'too stoned tomorrow' by 'kevin_milner_music' so cool to be combined with the beatles like that! it's neat how you made my voic...
...rves freedom. it is combined with a lot of voices and instruments from all around the world. your words make it way more special. it
review of 'choices' by 'kara square' punchy and cool. i love the way you combined the various vocals. and i really dig the flugelhorn acc... in the distance, combined with the guitars. and then that whistling! when that wailing guitar solo comes in, into that breakdown transformed and combined them into this !
...of laid back groove combined with ambient wonder. you captured the light! bravo!
...and instrumentation combined to make a nice trip down the road of life. it's a great analogy. well done!
...a bit dark - you've combined it with some hopeful sounding elements and the feeling of going higher and higher (lol high :p) it's a
... he had the idea to combined the initials tes on the boxes with the first two letters of his surname co !
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...the weekend traffic combined with google and other search engines coming through overwhelmed our system. this has become a chronic p
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... [i]with our powers combined[/i][/small]
...tion as parts are recombined to create entirely new wholes. you can read more about emergence [url=
...tion as parts are recombined to create entirely new wholes. all musical styles are welcome, but a special set of remixes in the s
... to pick works that combined the voices or music of a few of the many artists i love and also works which may include the element of