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Playlist: Alembic (Collaborative Gold)

Alembic (Collaborative Gold)
created by Anchor (anchormejans) Tuesday, May 18, 2010 @ 4:00 PM
Podcast statement of intent:
I am titling my podcast collection “Alembic (Collaborative Gold)”.
This appellation will suggest the rich arena of materials and talents which has present in its cache of source possibilities. It’s a daunting task to select but a few representations of the many songs and musical offerings which appeal to me to exemplify the true collaborative spirit of cc.Mixter - and with only 10 songs one cannot help but merely skim the surface. However, I do think that in the pieces chosen the underscored theme of mutual creative projects is evident. In the course of making these selections, I tried to pick works that combined the voices or music of a few of the many artists I love and also works which may include the element of the unexpected and possible genre- stretching which often lead to surprising or delightful listening experiences.