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Unknown To Me

uploaded: Tue, Jan 26, 2010 @ 10:52 AM
FeaturingAdmiral Bob & Kim Westin
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A bit sooner than initially intended, but here is the second of three remixes. This is a remix of Admiral Bob’s Unknown, which is one of my ccmixter favourites. Thanks to the dear Admiral for re-recording the pella and some of the stems, because the original source material was not fit for uploading or perhaps even lost. He didn’t re-do them specifically for this remix, but was probably encouraged by me asking if he would like to upload the pella. So many thanks to him and his great voice.

From the stems I used the solo from the first few bars of the guitar track. Kim Westin makes a time-stretched and pitch-shifted re-appearence in this remix (thanks again, Per).

Unfortunately, the Cubase project of this remix started to act strangely, so in the end I was unable to do everything I had in mind and had to take some shortcuts. I hope some may still like it.

I will upload the last remix this friday or this weekend at the latest.

"Unknown To Me"
by Subliminal

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