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...t about their daily business. and now as political and climate madness sweeps the world and people slowly lift their heads away from consuming business. i reviewed her original under under a blanket of stars both are very nice..peace
review of 'closed on sundays' by 'scomber' this joint is definitely open for business !
... when banks and big business get their claws in. would have been nice to have some more interesting folk in the elections. elizab - and given my business today i have to revisit this mix because i need to digest the poetry included here, when there is nothi
...n. not billionaire "business men" or "politicians" who already have plenty of power. i think the donalds comments are worse for that
review of 'get up!' by 'sackjo22' i can hear the fun! i have been dilly dallying around all morning trying to get down to business despit...
... (progressive rock) business; you just made a perfect homage to them. a compliment monsieur sk and all involved;)
review of 'the business of lying' by 'sackjo22' smile inducing (despite the dismay).
review of 'the business of lying' by 'stefan kartenberg' very cool [up][/up][up][/up][up][/up]
review of 'the business of lying' by 'lrockhq' "it was fascinating"..yes sir(s) & madame(s), this certainly is. my expectations of my sam...
review of 'the business of lying' by 'martijn de boer (nigid)' mighty damn nice [up][/up]