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lucy's diner just tapping an exposed plug makes enough buzz to trigger the e-4 voice tweaker's settings. then it's all with the faders an...
...s. we had breathing apparatus that was like scuba gear but more advanced. we had set up a decoy when we escaped when the spacecraft
... to me, it made a snappy refrain, i consider it a happy accident. i hope she doesn't mind. i share the wurly electric piano and a sy
...rcle. ,deep_roots,acappella,pell,media,ccplus,non_commercial,audio,mp3,48k,stereo,vbr,dreamy,female_vocals,spoken_word,
...pose. ,deep_roots,acappella,pell,media,ccplus,non_commercial,audio,mp3,16k,stereo,cbr,dreamy,ancestral,female_vocals,spoken_word,
...] ,deep_roots,acappella,pell,media,bpm_070_075,ccplus,sample,stem,non_commercial,audio,mp3,48k,stereo,cbr,flac,vbr,archive,zip,f
...cular psychological approaches, certain spiritual practices, and the i ching address these issues at deep and subtle psychogenic lev
my assets -= we find waves and flow with them =- ,sample,media,bpm_095_100,ccplus,acappella,non_commercial,audio,mp3,44k,stereo,cbr,flac,...
... so it is with xxl appreciation for all who share, and in this particular case thanks to: 2009 – jacindae – percussion and r
the motherless dream it is a sad affair each morning as we wake and watch our dreams disappear into the distance. snippets remain but ar...
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iptvutgpailm iptvutgpailm
alcaataraztherapper alcaataraztherapper
pornappaf pornappaf
wifeappaf wifeappaf
appvwnushb appvwnushb
snapdouyinapp snapdouyinapp
philipjap philipjap
aminimal aminimal i'm an electric guitarist who loves the 80's most of all. i play heavy metal mostly, but i have a deep appreciation for...
richardappox richardappox
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nasa space apps challenge 2023- titan city, 3023 lucus
secrets behind the disappointing batman game scared ghost
national steam train day 2022 @ veluwsche stoomtrein maatschappij (vsm): beekbergen - loenen amadeu dias
‎teaching drama: episode 12 - dramaturg or dramaturge? a conversation with lauren halvorsen on apple podcasts apple podcasts preview ep 12
‎gaudete (texasradiofish mix) [feat. karen savage, javolenus, copperhead & wired ant] - song by ccmixter & texasradiofish - applemusic apple music
too quiet (featuring diana bosselena) by happy ghosts andrew muecke
hang low (featuring ashes & dreams) by happy ghosts andrew muecke
my apocalypse now (featuring kaer trouz) by happy ghosts andrew muecke
where do we go (featuring romancito) by happy ghosts andrew muecke
keep the silence (featuring mandy leigh storm) by happy ghosts andrew muecke
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... the past probably happens more frequently than you think. [i]i have this re-occurring song[/i]....:-)
review of 'the push the pull' by 'apoxode' fully immersive aqueous vibes, flows like the ocean does :) so happy to be a part of this, ma...
... sonic sweep. i'm happy to be a part of the mix. this will sound great in the art space at the conference! thanks for being part of
review of 'once i went you' by 'speck' nicely done. happy rock. [up][/up]
... to life. i am so happy to be a part of this remix, this will play well at the conference. thank you so much for including me, i'm
...for including me, i appreciate your use of the source material in this remix :) [up][/up][up][/up]
review of 'lid la turca' by 'mr_yesterday' hey, speck, what an appropriately manic, driven mashup of gestures. love it. as to the q...
review of 'apprentice' by 'apoxode' wonderfully romantic ballad, the vibes just sway about like blades of grass :) [up][/up][up][/up]
review of 'a long distance from oslo' by 'texasradiofish' slappin' funky house [up][/up]
review of 'apprentice' by 'texasradiofish' [b][big][green]smooth groove[/green][/big][/b] [up][/up][up][/up]
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best linux remix apps here's hoping. i run ubuntu linux, not windows. i am getting started with the concept of remixing and creatin...
werewolf greetings. this is my first try at ccmixter, so i'd appreciate any advice you could give me. i've read the excellent introduct...
...ed 15 seconds of a cappella music from an old catch. the music comprised 8 bars of 6/4 time, which makes 48 beats in 15 seconds, or
...ients/odbol/ the a cappella vocal tracks are licensed by me under cc attribution sharealike. the text is derived from the old "taily
...nd it either. do a cappellas get taken off the site? can anyone help me find the artist name?
new remixes page hello the mix i've uploaded doesn't appear on the "new remixes" page, though it does appear on my page. is there an e...
...recently), and i'm happy to say we're finally done with it! you can check out a few of the tracks that will be on it on [url=htt
facebook ap. i have a facebook account and i'm using ilike to add music. why don't your create an application (maybe you did and i missed...
what is the bpm??? one thing i don't like here is how a cappellas are categorized into a "range" instead of an "exact" bpm. i've given up...
happy holiday thanks [red]just a little thank you[/red] [green]on this holiest of eves [red]for the friendship and the music[/red] for...
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quintessential solstice pells quintessential_solstice acappella quintessential solstice pells "celebrate light and honor the wisdom of t...
ocean dreams pells ocean_dreams acappella ocean dreams pells "the sea is the favorite symbol for the unconscious, the mother of all that...
songs of solidarity pells solidarity_songs acappella songs of solidarity pells "it’s a victory when the weapons fall silent and people...
holiday funk & blues pells funk_n_blues acappella holiday funk & blues pells "when i'm singing the blues, i'm singing life." ~etta james...
lofi summer vibes event pells lofi_summer acappella lofi summer vibes pells "and the summer seems as though it would dream on forever." ...
...e streetlights. it happens just before sunrise and just before sunset, where the moment seems to hang in the balance. where time sto
whale songs pells whale_songs,acappella whale songs pells “echoenia is the whales’ ability to relate to each other or to the environ...
one love event pells one_love_event acappella one love event pells “one love, one heart, one destiny.” ~bob marley learn more about...
waiting pells in_waiting acappella waiting pells “somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” -carl sagan learn more a...
starry night pells starry_night acappella starry night pells "look up at the stars and not down at your feet." ~stephen hawking learn m...