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Sat, Apr 14 9:15 AM kthugha review of heanmaredo by Shara
for the love of all that is holy, keep doing what you're doing. your vox loops a...
Sat, Apr 14 3:56 AM Speck review of Worst Case Scenario by Quarkstar
The ultimate party crasher. Nicely done.
Sat, Apr 14 12:19 AM Stefan Kartenberg review of Phare de Walde - Du alte Haus by semisweet
I like your song very much. Reminds me a bit of "EGO on the rocks" https://www.y...
Fri, Apr 13 7:31 PM JohnBozi review of pretty memories by Martin Cee (softmartin)
that was cool as trying to remember what you made, I made and you making again w...
Fri, Apr 13 10:48 AM spinmeister review of Santiago by a minor theory
testing the notification system again
Fri, Apr 13 12:38 AM RizkeyG review of Seasons Of A Lifetime by Aussens@iter
Epic !
Thu, Apr 12 3:03 PM 7OOP3D review of Close My Eyes and See by Rewob
Wow, awesome! This is simply stunning. Very, very intense one. Please, share th...
Thu, Apr 12 9:17 AM Javolenus review of Arabic Moon by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Kool. :-)
Thu, Apr 12 3:03 AM Speck review of in my heaven by Stefan Kartenberg
Very nice. Indeed.
Wed, Apr 11 7:40 PM Ivan Chew review of With The Look In Your Eyes by Loveshadow
Wow, this is Def Leppard!
Wed, Apr 11 8:04 AM RizkeyG review of Simadrare (Percussion Mix) by spinningmerkaba
Tribal ! i like it
Wed, Apr 11 8:03 AM RizkeyG review of everything┬┤s wonderful by kris_sky
beautiful guitar and melody
Wed, Apr 11 8:01 AM RizkeyG review of Glo by Stefan Kartenberg
Wed, Apr 11 4:07 AM Speck review of Arabic Moon by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Nice. Full sound, relaxing groove.
Wed, Apr 11 2:40 AM rightClk review of awake by kris_sky
Tue, Apr 10 4:40 PM Snowflake review of Christmas Time Again by texasradiofish
You guys are magical masterful!!!
Tue, Apr 10 4:39 PM Snowflake review of Mask by texasradiofish
Not sure how I missed this swanky delight! So smooth, sultry and funky! So many ...
Mon, Apr 9 3:08 PM Martin Cee (softmartin) review of And Now the News by texasradiofish
TRF, I like this track ! What I love about ccmixter is how things you upload get...
Mon, Apr 9 7:36 AM Ivan Chew review of We Had It Goin' On by rightClk
For a moment there, I thought someone hijacked good old Mr moon's vocals. I hear...
Mon, Apr 9 6:57 AM rightClk review of Jaan by Chandan Boruah
I'm always a little hesitant to review songs in a language I don't understand, b...
Mon, Apr 9 6:51 AM rightClk review of woo by Shara
Very creative use of the voice. Did you repitch yourself for the high backgroun...
Mon, Apr 9 6:48 AM Abstract Audio review of Waiting by Zep Hurme
You just gotta love this! That intro is a killer and the way you've treated the ...
Mon, Apr 9 6:44 AM rightClk review of Detachment by kthugha
I'm lovin' this. . . ! On my phones the hi mids & hi's are a touch strident. T...
Mon, Apr 9 6:40 AM rightClk review of Glo by Stefan Kartenberg
Period perfect urban neo-soul. A multitude of 's UP!!!
Mon, Apr 9 6:37 AM rightClk review of Keep on Fighting by Hans Atom
Very effective. . . your stuff always gets me in the mood to dance. Great glue ...
Mon, Apr 9 4:00 AM Stefan Kartenberg review of Keep on Fighting by Hans Atom
Mon, Apr 9 2:30 AM Hans Atom review of A Stranger Fiction by Speck
The intro/the synth pad is so deep and eerie Love the reverse percussion sounds ...
Sun, Apr 8 3:20 AM Speck review of Pink Girl by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Smooth integration and nice mood, much enjoyed.
Sat, Apr 7 11:37 PM Robbero review of Heart Beats So Fast by Loveshadow
Definitely one of the best Ccmixter producers.
Sat, Apr 7 9:18 PM Stefan Kartenberg review of We Had It Goin' On by rightClk
Sorry, I am a little confused. Is this the voice of Panumoon? The exact tempo is...