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Tue, Dec 11 5:36 AM Doxent Zsigmond review of There is darkness by _ghost
Brilliant. Guitar part reminds me Mike Oldfield.
Mon, Dec 10 7:48 PM SackJo22 review of My Valentine by reiswerk
I don't know where I was in April, but I am so sorry that I missed this. What a...
Mon, Dec 10 3:00 PM Apoxode review of Ready for Love by Robbero
Love it! It's got a PSB and Ace of Base (slowed down) feel to it. Great job with...
Mon, Dec 10 2:56 PM Apoxode review of O Little Town of Bethlehem (Bluesy) by Admiral Bob
Well done! Bright and catchy -- your vocals and string work is wonderful!
Mon, Dec 10 1:40 PM Radioontheshelf review of Old bones by Stefan Kartenberg
Great use of my vocal and wonderfully performed and produced
Mon, Dec 10 10:53 AM Admiral Bob review of Christmas Star by Snowflake
This is so wonderful. I like the riff. I really, really hope I can squeeze in...
Mon, Dec 10 6:24 AM Kara Square review of You Give Me The Reason - David Laprise Mix by David Laprise
Ahhh! This is lovely, David! Kicking off with an inspired, jaunty bassline... yo...
Mon, Dec 10 6:14 AM Kara Square review of We Made the Monsters by TheDICE
Yes!!! This is wonderful, Francesco! Your backing track has an incredibly effect...
Sun, Dec 9 12:24 PM Apoxode review of Twas Before Xmas (Elf Edition) by IngemannStrunch
Very cool! That "tiny reindeer" excerpt charges the mix with electricity! I am s...
Sun, Dec 9 12:18 PM Apoxode review of AND IN I by BOCrew
Good use of Kara Square's vocals! May I suggest adding her name, and 7OOP3D's, t...
Sun, Dec 9 12:13 PM Apoxode review of Control by reiswerk
Beautiful! Soulful vocals and warm synths -- I like how you have the synths ping...
Sun, Dec 9 12:03 PM Apoxode review of Oaf by Speck
This is great -- numerous touches that work together and stand out at the same t...
Sun, Dec 9 11:17 AM reiswerk review of Old bones by Stefan Kartenberg
Sun, Dec 9 4:56 AM Calyman review of Drenched by Apoxode
A good "natural song". It Recalls me the album intro of "A momentary lapse ...
Sun, Dec 9 4:38 AM Speck review of Drenched by Apoxode
Very nice aquatic ambient. Like a slow ride at the ataraxis water park.
Sun, Dec 9 4:15 AM Speck review of Old bones by Stefan Kartenberg
Very cool slinky blues. Much enjoyed.
Sun, Dec 9 4:06 AM Speck review of Big Jane Brown by Radioontheshelf
Nice one, makes quite an impression.
Sat, Dec 8 5:25 PM Apoxode review of Freak Funk by Calyman
Cool! You're back -- and bringing the funk. Very nice, I'm excited to see how th...
Sat, Dec 8 5:23 PM Apoxode review of Take Me Home by INVISIBLE KAOS OUTSIDE
This is great -- so many cool elements going on: the vibrato, the swells, and wh...
Sat, Dec 8 5:18 PM Apoxode review of You Give Me The Reason - David Laprise Mix by David Laprise
Incredible mix! Well done -- the stems sound great.
Sat, Dec 8 1:36 PM Yan Terrien review of Mean Murbles by Speck
Trippy !!!
Sat, Dec 8 11:48 AM urmymuse review of Reap What We Sow (on the monkey swing) by Scomber
Jaunty ... fab
Sat, Dec 8 11:44 AM urmymuse review of The Junglist (with getatmic) by Mana Junkie
Sounds real, raw, great
Sat, Dec 8 11:37 AM urmymuse review of commonGround by airtone
Super cool, sorry so long getting to this
Sat, Dec 8 11:21 AM urmymuse review of Twilight Zone by Michael Burnz
burning up! great track
Sat, Dec 8 11:14 AM urmymuse review of Flower (ft Doxent Zsigmond) by Bluemillenium
oh man this absolutely fantastic
Sat, Dec 8 11:06 AM urmymuse review of Lucky Massive Dangerous by Speck
funky dissonance made sexy
Sat, Dec 8 11:00 AM urmymuse review of NO BPM by Loveshadow
Sat, Dec 8 10:15 AM urmymuse review of Since I've Been Loving You by Siobhan Dakay
Sorry so long getting to this, absolutely lovely subtle mix
Sat, Dec 8 5:50 AM Javolenus review of One and a half blues men by Stefan Kartenberg
Awesome. :-))