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Sat, Oct 7 9:02 PM shockshadow review of In My Dreams - by teru
Excellent interpretation teru! you are tha ccMASTAH! :)
Sat, Oct 7 8:41 PM MC Jack in the Box review of Lonely by KCentric
great pairing. nice work!
Sat, Oct 7 8:10 PM Casel review of Lonely by KCentric
Thank you for creating a nice mix, KCentric. Well done! It fit well with fourst...
Sat, Oct 7 7:23 PM fourstones review of Lonely by KCentric
*snif* *snif* (wipes away tear...) that's awesome, thanks.
Sat, Oct 7 6:13 PM MC Jack in the Box review of Dirtbag (True Grime Story) by PorchCat
really unique and different concept for this than any of the other dirtbag remix...
Sat, Oct 7 6:05 PM MC Jack in the Box review of The King-teru-remix by teru
WOW. now this is what i'm talking about teru. thanks for pointing me in the righ...
Sat, Oct 7 6:01 PM MC Jack in the Box review of Morloch Town (Creep Mix) by PorchCat
dark and glitchy. you set an excellent mood with your mix. nice pairing of all t...
Sat, Oct 7 5:34 PM PorchCat review of Slamlord by MC Jack in the Box
Slamming! A gorgeous weave of sounds and thoughts. Top notch! *meow*
Sat, Oct 7 5:27 PM PorchCat review of Diplomacy by MC Jack in the Box
Jack laying it down with some serious old-school flavour and deadly skills. What...
Sat, Oct 7 5:23 PM PorchCat review of In My Dreams - by teru
Pleasant as an autumn evening and cider. Reminds me of Tete, Sarah Fimm and Soul...
Sat, Oct 7 5:15 PM PorchCat review of I Think I Started a Trend-teru-remix by teru
This is getting put to my CD burning list. This is a definate road-trip CD track...
Sat, Oct 7 5:13 PM PorchCat review of Fly by MC Jack in the Box
Grunge/alt rocking at its finest. Very well put together and great feel. You mad...
Sat, Oct 7 4:25 PM SilviaO review of Es Tarde v2.1 by minimal_art
Another interesting take on the song...
Sat, Oct 7 3:56 PM Mike Linksvayer review of Life, Terms and Conditions ( by Marcio Galli, Voice by Dan Barry) by taboca
clever words
Sat, Oct 7 3:54 PM Mike Linksvayer review of State of the Union by PorchCat
Everything works really well togehter.
Sat, Oct 7 2:31 PM tacet review of In My Dreams - by teru
What's really interesting about this is that it's way-different to the track sho...
Sat, Oct 7 1:24 PM Mike Linksvayer review of Gaspar Behest Heartbeat by Crash Potato
Sat, Oct 7 1:22 PM Mike Linksvayer review of Crash by Crash Potato
The sounds work together for me, smooth transitions on no. I would've enjoyed a...
Sat, Oct 7 11:05 AM gurdonark review of In My Dreams - by teru
My goodness, Teru. This is so well done. I love in particular the way you integr...
Sat, Oct 7 11:02 AM gurdonark review of Tu corazón (Treatment) by fourstones
A gentle and relaxing accompaniment to this song. The separate guitar parts s...
Sat, Oct 7 10:41 AM J.Lang review of Tu corazón (Treatment) by fourstones
Very Beautiful track, Vocals And Guitar.
Sat, Oct 7 10:38 AM J.Lang review of I Am Not Real by Vidian
As Teru said the vocals sound a little off, and could be more up front IMO, but...
Sat, Oct 7 10:34 AM J.Lang review of Addict (Soap Suds Mix) by KCentric
VerY Hot Track. Love the crazy sounds in the background. Wish it was a little lo...
Sat, Oct 7 10:29 AM J.Lang review of In My Dreams - by teru
VERY NICE. Teru The King Does It AGAIN!!!!! music for my I-Pod.
Sat, Oct 7 10:25 AM J.Lang review of BELOW by minimal_art
Sat, Oct 7 6:37 AM minimal_art review of Secret Snowflake by PorchCat
it frees my mind! Mythic sounds from the otherside Great! Thx!
Sat, Oct 7 1:13 AM Elaiceps review of chucks by aldstahz
This is really good in my book. I just used a 4nsic pella and tried to do the ex...
Fri, Oct 6 11:22 PM PorchCat review of Live, From My Own Funeral by Hundred Schools Of Thought
This is a great electronica track. This would be wicked when paired with short a...
Fri, Oct 6 11:14 PM PorchCat review of Orphelia's Song (Lunch Mix) by OrbitalLauge
Very good club mix. Great sense of style and sound. But, I did feel it needed a ...
Fri, Oct 6 11:05 PM PorchCat review of Freedom is Me by norelpref
Wow! Tones of Leornard Cohen and mellow Flaming Lips, flavours of Suzanne Vega, ...