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still i
by sleeperspaceborn
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Sun, Dec 9, 2007 @ 2:20 PM

Uses samples from:

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permalink   Sun, Dec 9, 2007 @ 3:43 PM
That description cracked me up, I could almost hear you shrugging ;)
Definitely not just “the same song”, a magnificent take; my one nit to pick is it seemed a little splash-happy on the chorus, I know it’s not supposed to be a happy shiny song or anything- maybe if the cymbal was more trashy with a shorter decay time? I dunno, I can’t make epic stuff like this, I should quit picking on you, and go back to wishing I was an accomplished multi-instrumentalist…
permalink   sleeperspaceborn Sun, Dec 9, 2007 @ 10:06 PM
shrugging is a little off; it’s more like sighing, because i feel like i’m in a huge style rut and i can only do one thing. i’ve tried to do some other styles and it just comes out so shitty, it’s a bit depressing actually.
permalink   duckett Mon, Dec 10, 2007 @ 7:05 AM
Well, like plurgid said, I wish I could make something this good; we’re all our own worst critics, most of the time- maybe you see it as stuck in a rut, I see it as “clarity of vision”. I don’t remember anyone complaining about AC/DC or Norman Rockwell being “stuck in a rut”…. (maybe you can’t stand either one of ‘em, but they have lots of fans for a reason)
Maybe if I had the kind of focus and discipline that shines through on your tracks, I’d have more than the incomplete “snapshots” of musical ideas that most of my tracks seem to be ;)
Maybe we could collab on something sometime; I love your stuff, and with a former Viking project manager in the family, you know I’ve always been a little obsessed with space too :)
permalink   Mon, Dec 10, 2007 @ 3:06 PM
I have one major issue with you Sleeper is that you leave far too much time between giving us another mix.

I hear a lot of stuff and there is very little these days that can make me sit up and listen and engage me emotionally in the way your stuff does.

This is a fuel packed ride pumped with energy. Its not like your other mixes they are all different to me so dont beat yourself up.

Maybe its time to come out and take centre stage. :-)
permalink   sleeperspaceborn Mon, Dec 10, 2007 @ 11:08 PM
doing 20+ shows a month on audio staff at a large rock club does not leave time for personal music. touring bands make for 12 hour days, but i love every minute.

i’m off stage left there behind a monitor console and i’m pretty cool with it, center stage is for people who were made for it which isn’t really me i dont think.
permalink   Mon, Jan 7, 2008 @ 4:02 PM
Hey Sleeper, like everyone says… Great job. I like the way you rock the songs. I would like to do the same. I have two questions. First. Your drums are programmed or loops or real?

And the second one is about the sound of your guitar. Is mic’ed from an amp or an amp emulator?

permalink   sleeperspaceborn Sun, Feb 3, 2008 @ 12:17 AM
all drums are programmed / sampled. all guitars are guitar rig 2 or 3, depending on when they were made. everything is in the box.
permalink   DURDEN Mon, Feb 4, 2008 @ 7:44 AM
Wow. Great Job. I do the same. I’d love if you could sendme your preset for that sound, I love the sound of your guitar. Full harmonics, strength, control… a very good sound. I use Guitar Rig 2 and 3.
permalink   Sun, Dec 9, 2007 @ 7:04 PM
Damn, 23000 times? I wish I could make a track like that just once! :-)

I love the drums.
I wish I could figure out how to program convincing rock drums. If these are programmed, I can’t tell … fantastic.
AussieJohn - OneMUSICk
permalink   Sun, Dec 9, 2007 @ 10:30 PM
Lincon Park stand aside, good stuff, I’ve even downloaded.
ditto ditto
permalink   Mon, Dec 10, 2007 @ 8:15 AM
Perfect with the voice of SongBoy, you bring to this song an incredible dimension.
permalink   Mon, Dec 10, 2007 @ 9:29 AM
Think of it as perfecting an idea. Goodness knows I’ve written the same song 23,000 times using different lyrics…. ;)

Oh Yeah, wonderful remix/version. I like the rock chaos you’ve created! SB3 is usually remixed to be so smooth…a little grunginess is great and makes him even sexier.

permalink   Mon, Dec 10, 2007 @ 11:40 AM
Yes it’s good to hear a different take on SB3, and it works!
Watch out Led Zeppelin.
permalink   Mon, Dec 10, 2007 @ 2:55 PM
Like it was said before i love those drums.
Song Boy does Rock….Hmmmmmm And i like it.
Wish I could make a song like this at least twice..The first time i did it i’d definitely be in shock for a while.

Nice Mix
permalink   Mon, Dec 10, 2007 @ 5:30 PM
Just bloody great, love the heavier sound, always thought Songboys voice would be good in a Lenny Kravitz type setting and well you proved it.
permalink   Mon, Dec 10, 2007 @ 6:12 PM
Fantastic (ok so someone said that already). Seriously, what a great take on that song. The production and sound is just outstanding. If you are worried about the “rut” you are in I suggest you expand it a bit and build yourself a nice “crib” and DON’T GO ANYWHERE. Ya don’t got to be all things to all people. Be true to yourself, you don’t seem to be having any trouble being appreciated :-).
FGrn Grn
permalink   Tue, Dec 11, 2007 @ 2:59 PM
I couldnt have seen this, but it works SO well. Wow.
permalink   Wed, Dec 12, 2007 @ 1:39 AM
Really and truly great! I was very pleasantly surprised with this one. Wow!
Doghouse Riley
permalink   Wed, Dec 12, 2007 @ 1:35 PM
Jimeny Christmas on a soda cracker, this here’s fine work and a great idea there, ssb, ol pal. I’ll tell ya what, you getcha a little more mixin skills under yor belt and you, sir, will be kickin butt and takin names. Kick out the jams and get yor ya-yas out! Hot damn.
permalink   Thu, Dec 13, 2007 @ 3:06 AM
and ,from germany ,12 points too.
permalink   Thu, Dec 13, 2007 @ 1:24 PM
Once again, y’all knock this brutha for a loop! Listening to this makes me think of Pearl Jam for some reason. And I do like PJ so that’s a good thing! Sleeper, you got it goin’ on but I’m not surprised - I’ve been a fan for a minute so getting an editor’s pick was a forgone conclusion in my ears…LOL!!! I know I’ve been out of the loop for a sec but I’ll be back soon with new vocals and hopefully I’ll get a chance to post some of my rock-flavored joints up here…Happy Holidaze!!!!
permalink   Thu, Dec 13, 2007 @ 3:12 PM
hot dam! awesome riffin
permalink   Sun, Dec 16, 2007 @ 2:11 AM

Couldn_t believe what I heard!
Completely outstanding version.
This is so great. You REALLY know your style!
permalink   Mon, Feb 11, 2008 @ 12:18 AM
don’t get too much rock here so pretty sweet =) i’ve added this to my “Best of CCMixter” playlist.
permalink   Fri, Aug 5, 2011 @ 5:00 AM
permalink   Sat, Oct 25, 2014 @ 9:51 AM