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Reviews left by DURDEN

Fri, Jan 4 10:08 PM DURDEN review of silver white star by sleeperspaceborn
Great. I've always loved your rock treatment over the pellas and this is no exce...
Tue, Nov 1 6:00 AM DURDEN review of Don't Flake Out by Admiral Bob
Well, It's a shame you only had 3 hours, theres good material in here. Nice si...
Sun, Oct 30 6:16 PM DURDEN review of Supergirl (Fly in My Dreams Mix) by vo1k1
Very nice sounds here. I like the arrangement and the production. A strong mi...
Thu, Aug 28 8:19 PM DURDEN review of The Hurricane Reggae by Zep Hurme
Great feel. Really chill reggae
Mon, Oct 15 7:53 PM DURDEN review of cruel machine by sleeperspaceborn
Wow, you always nail it. Great 80 feeling. Great catchy chorus
Sat, May 26 9:05 AM DURDEN review of On My Way To Hell by RUIN
I don't like the mix work, sounds a little muddy, but the performance and style ...
Sun, Jan 22 3:15 PM DURDEN review of Flyer by Snowflake
Nice track. Catchy, with nice vocals, echoes bouncing over here and there... ...
Tue, Dec 6 4:38 PM DURDEN review of Thanks for the Add (Deadman Mix) by William Berry
Very nice synth, and lovely nin indsutrial loops over there...
Mon, Jul 25 5:34 PM DURDEN review of redlightriot by sleeperspaceborn
Oh, lovely. I Really love your rock tracks.
Mon, Sep 13 10:34 AM DURDEN review of Sooner or Later by Hans Atom
Nice chords and interesting ideas. A great piano arrangement. I like the over...
Mon, Sep 13 9:53 AM DURDEN review of Do Androids Fall In Love (Part II of III, Ballistics of Love) by Ivan Chew
Great work. Seems the perfect music for an anime shot.
Mon, Sep 13 9:47 AM DURDEN review of Did you love me by Hans Atom
I really really love the chorus, great guitars
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