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Just One Night (Frustration M...
by plurgid
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Tue, Mar 20, 2007 @ 11:00 PM
permalink   Wed, Mar 21, 2007 @ 9:31 AM
I love the way you freaked Vic’s sweet jazzy guitar, I Love the keys, The touch of KCentric in the background for ad libs…very nice. The drum track is just right, not over or under done. As far as the music goes it’s One of the best i’ve heard so far. My only problem with this track is that it has a slight sync problem. Geoff ( the Rapper) Is off slightly in his first verse. Try chopping his vocals a bit and placing them where they would fit better . From :44 to 1:24.
His 2nd verse is a bit better, but drifts a bit around 2:24 to 3:00. As i said before i love this and it has the potential to be a 10 plus.
Good luck and great job.
I’m still giving u a high 5 cause i can’t stop listing to this.

Wow……so very cool.
permalink   plurgid Wed, Mar 21, 2007 @ 10:15 AM
Quote: J.LangMy only problem with this track is that it has a slight sync problem.

Thanks for the review!
Yeah, I hear what you’re saying about the sync drifting on those raps. Will give it another edit tonight and see if I can fix.
permalink   J.Lang Thu, Mar 22, 2007 @ 12:25 AM
I see you slowed Geoff down a bit. Yeah that’s working,….. love that bass break to….Yo!!! dude you got mad skills.
Another banger for the IPOD
permalink   Wed, Mar 21, 2007 @ 11:24 AM
wow. this is sweet. fix the sync stuff and you’ve got a real hit.
permalink   fourstones Fri, Mar 30, 2007 @ 4:49 PM
listening to the re-up:

permalink   Fri, Mar 23, 2007 @ 12:12 AM
Great remix.

Nicely synced. Good job with the rap and the vocals. And yeah the guitars rock. : )

I found the volume a bit low. No biggie. Just thought I’d mention it.
permalink   plurgid Fri, Mar 23, 2007 @ 8:07 AM
Quote: teruI found the volume a bit low.

LOL, you caught me! this is my lack of mastering skillz shining trough.

When I boost the volume, the VU shows lots of clipping. Tried a multiband compressor (because I thought the bass might be the culprit) but then it sounded like poo … tried a peak limiter as well … also sounded like poo. I fiddled with it a while then ended up with … well just turn the speaks up and it sounds fine.

I need to find a class in mastering at the local commnity college or something. :-)
permalink   teru Fri, Mar 23, 2007 @ 9:55 AM
Nah. Not lack of mastering. It’s sounds great. Not to discourage you from finding a class. I want to find one too. : )

I think you just need to up the gain a bit. Have you tried something like this?
permalink   Wed, Mar 21, 2007 @ 1:42 PM
Wow dude, it’s really hot mix, sweetest honey ^^. Like it very much.


permalink   Wed, Mar 21, 2007 @ 9:53 PM
great composition all around. instrumental is perrrrrrrrrrrrrfect for Jeremy’s vocals. dropping the rap in there really works. this is real nice. great work, P! keep it up!
Analog By Nature
permalink   Fri, Mar 23, 2007 @ 9:58 PM
this is great, good work! the rap works well, and the chopping of vics guitar is awesome!!
permalink   Sat, Mar 24, 2007 @ 1:39 AM
This is excellent. So soulful. It had me caught up in the groove as I sit at my computer. Infectious.
permalink   Mon, Mar 26, 2007 @ 3:43 AM
wowo thats really GREAT PLURGID …