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Reviews for "Still Hustlin nixx remix"

Still Hustlin nixx remix
by nixx_
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Fri, Jun 3, 2005 @ 3:28 AM

Uses samples from:

permalink   Fri, Jun 3, 2005 @ 12:06 PM
Wow!!! Although not my favorite mix of Still Hustlin, i think this a good mix. I’m not crazy about a few things on this track, never the less it’s still one person’s view of how he or she hears this track. We may not always agree on one’s musical interpretation, but it is still that persons vision. I respect all works on this site and at times, i don’t always like what i hear, but i don’t feel i have the right to tell a person " don’t shop" his or her tracks. I look at this site as a forum to get an honset opinion on some of the music that a person might be working on. As i listen to others i give my input and try to encourage, as other have also done for me. With that in mind, Good job Nixx.
Kendra was right about it sounding dated but maybe that was the direction you were looking for. At the same time I felt the pella was slightly off in the beginning, but was on during the rest of the song. As i said before good mix and good job.
permalink   nixx_ Fri, Jun 3, 2005 @ 2:45 PM
Thanks !
Well…I’m not doing hip-hop usually.
That’s maybe why it sound dated or not so trendy…
I’ve just done that to have fun with the acca.

Kendra> no, that’s not me rappin.
permalink   J.Lang Fri, Jun 3, 2005 @ 3:08 PM
Kendra the rapper on the track is G. Wills from Connecticut. He is one of many rappers i work with that have allowed me to share his accapells with the people of this site. If you like down load a pella and work it. NIXX : The beauty of music is that it’s always evolving, whether it be hip hop, rock, or jazz. As ditri said " your handwriting is unstable, but a least you know what you want to write about.
Cezary Ostrowski
permalink   Thu, Jun 2, 2005 @ 11:10 PM
I like this one. Waiting for more with impatience, cuz the things you do vary a lot. Your "handwriting" is unstable, but at least I have a feeling you know what you want to "write" about.
permalink   Fri, Jun 3, 2005 @ 7:16 AM
this is awful. maybe i’m not too familiar witth this site, but i can’t believe someone would post anything that sounds like this. listen to the intro, listen to the vocals. this wouldn’t have even made it in the 90’s.maybe the 80’s, but not the 90’s. and i hope that’s not you rappin. and who in the world gave u 4 stars? the other guy was nice in his review, but i’m honest. please dom’t shop this anywhere!
permalink   Fri, Jun 3, 2005 @ 7:51 AM
this is awesome
permalink   Fri, Jun 3, 2005 @ 7:59 AM
Excellent programing. Nice direction. For what it’s worth I like it and I think the J. Lang vocals sit pretty tight.

Kendra’s comments are a real eye opener though. Nice to have fresh ears. ; )

I guess calling it a hip-hop mix is what will get you in trouble. Weird how the genre which borrows the most from other genres is the most rigid these days. IMHO.
permalink   Tue, Jul 12, 2005 @ 12:36 PM
Avant hop musterwerk. Perfekt tanzmusik.
permalink   Mon, May 8, 2006 @ 2:07 PM
this is so cool…really remindes me on chem.bross…love the bass…keep on rocking.