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Tue, Dec 20 1:20 AM review of running by deutscheunschuld
5* naturally my friend, U R our german vocal hero...
Tue, Sep 27 3:00 AM review of Below (frozen in time mix) by cinematrik
Big Double Five
Sat, Sep 3 12:37 AM review of No turning back - wMixterIntro by Ran Dumb Dots...... .. .
Good old skool punk. Please try some EQ and little lite reverb...
Mon, Aug 29 8:18 PM review of Ameni by nimmo
Nice mix and nice track. Great dance beat. Off course. Nimmo in progress. IMHO t...
Sun, Aug 14 5:36 PM review of Hey Baby! by Moe Train
Okay. You are your vocals. Drum is better, I think a little more volume to the k...
Wed, Aug 10 11:39 AM review of sucuri by Fujimo
Glitch of a b*tch!
Wed, Aug 10 11:22 AM review of Audio Ketting Fuck by edjah
Antistar Award. Congrat...
Tue, Jul 12 12:36 PM review of Still Hustlin nixx remix by nixx_
Avant hop musterwerk. Perfekt tanzmusik.
Mon, Jul 4 1:52 AM review of I Tell You What I Blame. by rich tea
Yor "music" is flat like your website. I know: I'm so harsh.Sorry, sor...
Mon, May 30 3:47 PM review of Cricket by Aamu
Wed, May 25 9:51 AM review of Dirtbag- teru - remix by teru
Correct indie college rock sound.
Mon, May 23 6:58 AM review of Love is the greatest Alchemy by Budapest BluesBoy
Thanx dear doctor. HPP/G3
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