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Clearly A Crime
by Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla
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Wed, Aug 17, 2005 @ 3:55 AM

Uses samples from:

Analog By Nature
permalink   Wed, Aug 17, 2005 @ 11:49 AM
pretty cool, my only critic is that it’s to distorted…
but cool none the less
permalink   Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla Wed, Aug 17, 2005 @ 12:16 PM
Yep, definitely distorted. I guess thats the mood I was in at the time. The drums went through an amp simulator, the vocals were compressed to oblivion and ran through a fuzz box and the organ was a patch called "rusty organ" so the grit was already there. Put it all together and you have PatChilla vs the elfin dudes of Rice Krispies!!! Glad you liked it.
permalink   Thu, Aug 18, 2005 @ 6:22 AM
Always good to hear the Beat Gorilla on a track. The organ and Lomon’s vocals seem to fit like hand and glove.
P. Mac vocals also flow very well with the track. I love the drums and that stand up bass. My only problem with this track is that it’s to short.
permalink   Thu, Aug 18, 2005 @ 10:29 AM
Cool mix of sounds. I like the grit. That vocal compression on PMac is super cool. And the harmony goes perfectly.

The Beat Gorilla vs. Snap, Crackle, Pop. My money’s on the Gorilla. That’d be one hell of a show though. Pay-per-view(no I’m not a wrestling fan). ; )
permalink   Sun, Aug 21, 2005 @ 2:51 AM
This is dope It kinda got The Roots feel to it but yeah i wish it was longer however it’s a definite download for me. Great Job!
permalink   Thu, Jan 26, 2006 @ 8:14 AM
ok, i’m seeing Rick James jumpin around with Outkast for some reason…kewl!
: )
permalink   Thu, Jan 26, 2006 @ 7:09 PM
My brain is lost somewhere between a bunker and old school. Most excellant.