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Playlist: CCM InteractiveStageshow's "Blue Lips, Loose Hips"

CCM InteractiveStageshow's "Blue Lips, Loose Hips"
created by InteractiveStageshow Sunday, January 25, 2009 @ 5:13 AM
Welcome to the serial “Radio Playlist” version of InteractiveStageShow’s latest production: “Blue Lips, Loose Hips.”
Yes, more claws than Cats, much more challenging than Chess and the only Phantom lurking under the stage is Anchor. (at this point anyway)

This playlist will grow over time as new parts are added and ideas are fleshed out.

This is a call for casting and musical ideas; Any genre is OK as long it has a certain bit of theater.
Scomber is inviting any sick soul out there to colab/contribute to the rest of this WestEnd/Broadway extravaganza. Check out our profile for more details.. You can find our legal disclaimer (audio) here.
The full updated script can be found here.
If you are offended by parts of this play please read this before you form an opinion or hear his maddened rantings on his field record that forms track 8 of this playlist.