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Welcome to the CCMixter Interactive Stageshow.

This is Scomber’s new project vehicle for a tongue-in-cheek approach to everything we love and hate about musical theater.
Yes, more claws than Cats, much more challenging than Chess and the only Phantom lurking under the stage is Anchor. (at this point anyway)
This is a call for casting and musical ideas;
It was also a means of uncluttering my normal upload page

The first yellow cab off the rank heading for Broadway is CCM’s Interactive Stageshow’s new production; now playing as a playlist under the title of “ Blue lips Loose Hips”. It stars the irrepressible Anchor Mejans as the leading man and is supported by a growing cast of CCM stars, either treading the boards or sweating it out in the orchestra pit.

Here’s how it works with some quick links to find your way around this virtual theater;

*Just a quick note to warn listeners that they may find some of the first scenes offensive -
please read this note from the producer and writing team before you form an opinion on the play and remember that the serial style release of this work doesn’t allow you to turn to the back page of the script*

The “Radio play” version playlist of “Blue lips, Loose Hips”
This is updated when a new scene is added - so if you want to find and listen to this easily - bookmark it now or set up one of those new fangled feeds..

Here the script is completely audio in the style - like an old fashioned “radio play” (complete with cheesy sound effects and mood music).
Some intro’s will be posted as acapella’s, as too, original sound samples; so frustrated remixers out there with a liking to the spoken word or fresh meat may even want to remix these into their own masterpiece. Stranger things happen.

The forum is the place where your people can talk to Scombers people to facilitate the flow of ideas, make suggestions on possible directions for music, plot or casting or if you would just like to review the whole play rather than an individual scene.
The entire up to date script is posted as a new thread in the CCM forum - and can be found HERE; although the script components can each be found within the text descriptions of each uploaded track.

Smoking is permitted (no outside food though) but when the bell rings signaling the end of intermission our burly ushers won’t let you back in until the next scene. ;-)

Please feel free to contact Scomber :) if you have any offsite ideas, want to send him money, hate mail etc or have a lawsuit pending.

I’m attempting to push the envelope regarding collaborations on this site with a new approach to the use of playlists, reviews and forum threads.

If you leave a review on an individual scene you will always get a reply. Not always from Scomber (he’s out on one of those extended executive producer lunches) but at least from one of his able and quite attractive hand maidens.
If you are unhappy about the standard of this production or the inflated ticket prices we will gladly refund 100% your money. Maybe a set of steak knives too - but depending on the color of the review - they may be in your back as we throw you out into the back alley with last nights leftover nachos.

I really don’t know where this project is going to end up but I don’t really mind either.
I guess that’s just showbiz!
Please enjoy the show, no chewing gum please and take your rubbish home with you.

Scomber x
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