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Sun, Feb 26 6:33 PM Z-ROX review of Winter Vybrations by gurdonark
Good one , gurd. Sounds like the type of tracks they'd use at Tokyo fashion show...
Sun, Feb 26 6:22 PM Z-ROX review of _012506_ by deutscheunschuld
Sun, Feb 26 6:12 PM Z-ROX review of Fixing My Brain (Sharp's Mix) by Sharp
I dig this track. With the funky drums, and Sharp's droney treatment, the vibe t...
Sat, Feb 18 5:23 PM Z-ROX review of Thorncrown Chapel (featuring Steve McNeill) by gurdonark
A pretty folk song , Gurd. And thanks for the links.
Sat, Feb 18 12:42 PM Z-ROX review of Delusional by Slein
Really love some of the chords. Very nice mood.
Wed, Sep 14 7:56 AM Z-ROX review of Girl and Supergirl(Moon Mix) by teru
The anal part of me totally digs the piano/string/vox and only that, while the u...
Wed, Sep 14 7:47 AM Z-ROX review of Quant la doulce jouvencelle / medieval chanson by asteria
Interesting and pretty. I have only been commercially exposed to this type of mu...
Wed, Sep 14 7:30 AM Z-ROX review of Be Brave (Dub-TripHop RMX) by Antony Raijekov
Nice chill ..... nice.
Tue, Sep 13 5:56 AM Z-ROX review of More Than 2 Sides (Treatment) by fourstones
I like the sense of space . And I swear I can hear Gary Numan when I listen t...
Sun, Sep 11 6:33 AM Z-ROX review of Phoenix by shockshadow
I always like the mood and the sonic trip that your tracks have, Dark Star is st...
Sun, Sep 11 6:22 AM Z-ROX review of CC-Spot Tornado by LAVOURA ELETRO
Nice track guys :D and it's very chop friendly !
Sun, Sep 11 6:09 AM Z-ROX review of Move Faster by EdShift
Nice slamming track. It gets me movin' .
Sun, Sep 11 6:04 AM Z-ROX review of Dr.0+ - Braindance by Waxi & Dr.0+ (Dr. O Positive)
This track and Pull Over are my fav ones among your current tracks. I used to...
Sun, Sep 4 7:47 PM Z-ROX review of Killin' Kenny (A South Park Chase Theme) by dsk
Short and sweet , right up my alley. :D
Sun, Sep 4 7:44 PM Z-ROX review of Choose-teru-remix by teru
I totally dig the mood, the percussions.