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Thorncrown Chapel (featuring Steve McNeill)

uploaded: Tue, Feb 14, 2006 @ 8:56 PM
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The song “Thorncrown Chapel” features lyrics written by Gurdonark and music written by Steve McNeill.

Steve provides the vocals, lead and backing, and guitar on this song, while this remix introduces modest electronica accompaniment
both from the noted mixter samples and from my own music.

Steve took my poem and made it into this beautiful song. Any virtues in this mix are his—any flaws are mine. I wanted to give it a bit more “seating”, while keeping the folk quality I love about his work.

Steve’s website is:

Thorncrown Chapel is a “real” place, in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, designed by the architect Fay Jones:

"Thorncrown Chapel (featuring Steve McNeill)"
by gurdonark

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