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Reviews left by wellman

Mon, Mar 28 12:14 PM wellman review of Amazing Grace (Cape Breton Highlands version) by Admiral Bob
Really cool man! You should upload your vocals alone ! Excellent!
Mon, Mar 28 6:59 AM wellman review of you! (na-na-na-na) by DoKashiteru
Really great work guys!
Sun, Mar 27 7:53 AM wellman review of Don't Want You Back by HEKTOR THILLET (coffeeeurope)
Really clever man! I like it!
Sun, Mar 27 7:49 AM wellman review of Dear Mr Williams by bigbonobo
Really nice!
Sat, Mar 26 2:39 PM wellman review of Not like that by Carosone
Amazing!!!!! A top 10 in any radio station!
Sat, Mar 26 2:24 PM wellman review of FEXTING by daniloprates
Cool and funny and a very clever arrange!
Sat, Mar 26 2:18 PM wellman review of Bustin Out by Benjamin Orth
REally nice man I did enjoy it!
Sat, Mar 26 1:50 PM wellman review of Unnamed #5 (shockshadow house remix) by shockshadow
Great! I like the vibe of this remix! Very well done!
Sat, Jan 1 8:47 AM wellman review of I'll wait by Geert Veneklaas
Awesome man! I really like the arrange and the mix...That cello still is in my h...
Sat, Jan 1 8:42 AM wellman review of Sugar Look by Scott Altham
Awesome!!! Happy new year!
Mon, Sep 13 3:33 PM wellman review of Forever (strech mix) by Analog By Nature
Really good man! What I like the most is the vox treatment... I really enjoyed t...
Mon, Aug 30 9:25 AM wellman review of Oh Come Thee Down (Phantom mix) by tacet
Just one nag... it was too short! Great job man...
Mon, Aug 30 9:21 AM wellman review of The Song Remains the Same (Mr Williams) by Snowflake
VEry good job S. The mix sounds good to me! You are really very creative... and...
Mon, Aug 30 9:12 AM wellman review of Love Will Open Your Heart_ Dance Mix by J.Lang
Pretty cool man... excellent bass excellent beat... and you still conserve the s...
Mon, Aug 30 8:56 AM wellman review of We Have Choice (all non-sinusoidal waveforms are born free) by gmz
Very well done man!