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Reviews left by urmymuse

Sun, May 12 3:08 AM urmymuse review of layer cake by panu
Awww thanks Panu! This absolutely lovely
Sat, Apr 27 7:27 AM urmymuse review of Okay? okay (retro synth wave remix) by moscardo
Welcome to ccmixter! Really lovely track ... well done
Sat, Apr 27 7:06 AM urmymuse review of One Volume Blender by Robbero
yes banging like it
Sat, Apr 27 6:57 AM urmymuse review of Stabbed in the Back by Apoxode
super cool vibe
Tue, Apr 9 11:06 AM urmymuse review of Kalte Ohren ( Remix ) by Dysfunction_AL
enjoyed this a lot, well deserved win
Sat, Apr 6 8:27 AM urmymuse review of Sunday Afternoon by ScOmBer
Sat, Apr 6 8:22 AM urmymuse review of The New Music House (It's Only Up From Here) by texasradiofish
Pushing it on, great drive
Sat, Apr 6 8:16 AM urmymuse review of Tree Company by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Yes very sultry, well done
Sat, Apr 6 8:05 AM urmymuse review of Come Inside by Snowflake
lovely smooth melodies
Mon, Jan 14 3:01 PM urmymuse review of 2018 Retrospective by Speck
Belated happy new year ! Sorry i missed this earlier. Very enjoyable! Ta for inc...
Wed, Dec 19 9:51 AM urmymuse review of Theme from "Looped on Drugs" by Mana Junkie
Hey ! Good drive, like it
Wed, Dec 19 9:34 AM urmymuse review of Top of the Mountain by Kara Square
Very cool , understated backing letting the vocals really breathe
Tue, Dec 18 10:19 AM urmymuse review of mwic by BeatMachine
Wild ride, very enjoyable
Mon, Dec 17 12:21 PM urmymuse review of midwinter by airtone
Mon, Dec 17 12:13 PM urmymuse review of Long Live Water by musicbrain
Really excellent the backing provides the perfect setting for the spoken word. ...