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Reviews left by Subliminal

Tue, Jun 9 8:47 PM Subliminal review of Look Up at the Sky by Apoxode
This is mad. In a good way. Makes me wonder how you have selected and put togeth...
Mon, Jun 8 10:31 PM Subliminal review of I Can't Breathe by Admiral Bob
This is quite a sonic trip. Very enjoyable.
Mon, Jun 8 10:25 PM Subliminal review of The Man Who Couldn't Breathe by Radioontheshelf
Ok, I am going to say it first: David Bowie. :-) I love this. Inventive and a...
Thu, Jun 4 7:50 AM Subliminal review of Waiting In The Silence by Radioontheshelf
This is exceptionally good. I love the way you have framed The Admiral's most sp...
Wed, Jun 3 9:57 PM Subliminal review of shut down the world by sleeperspaceborn
This take on this vocal is also pretty damn good, just like Dysfunctional_AL's. ...
Wed, Jun 3 9:48 PM Subliminal review of Afrer Hours ( Remix ) by Dysfunction_AL
I think this sounds wonderfull. Really good.
Fri, May 29 5:57 AM Subliminal review of I Dream by Rewob
A wonderfully beautiful remix. My compliments.
Tue, May 26 5:55 AM Subliminal review of Wonderstand This by Speck
A rhythmically intricate top notch production.
Tue, May 26 2:33 AM Subliminal review of The Games We Played by Radioontheshelf
Sounds as if they have always belonged together. A most splendid job by you.
Wed, May 20 9:06 PM Subliminal review of The Tattooed Circus by Radioontheshelf
Really good songwriting, arrangement and production.
Mon, May 18 10:00 PM Subliminal review of Miracles (lockdown mix) by sparky
I like this a lot. It's a great arrangement. Beautiful.
Mon, May 18 9:56 PM Subliminal review of Choice by Admiral Bob
Overall a very good track, but that bass is even beyond just very good. Simple, ...
Tue, May 12 8:36 PM Subliminal review of Panu Enters The City With A Message by Radioontheshelf
Nothing wrong with melancholic of course, but I am glad you took this direction,...
Tue, May 12 8:31 PM Subliminal review of Let Me Live Long Enough by Speck
Great vocals and a nice vocal treatment.
Mon, May 4 7:14 AM Subliminal review of Stay Calm by SackJo22
This is really good. I don't know why, but not at all what I expected.