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Reviews left by stellarartwars

Fri, Jan 17 7:15 AM stellarartwars review of Em124-GTR-JazzRiff by Javolenus by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
This would work well in a trance setting, rather like Children by Robert Miles. ...
Fri, Jan 17 5:24 AM stellarartwars review of Okay, Alright - Kara Square and Piero Peluche by Piero Peluche
Fantastic work, second amazing new tune I've listened today (and still only on t...
Fri, Jan 17 5:12 AM stellarartwars review of Being by Stefan Kartenberg
This is quite beautiful, we're loving it here :) The duet vocal works really we...
Wed, Jan 8 7:55 AM stellarartwars review of berra nana by Stefan Kartenberg
Fantastic piece of work, a real gem!
Fri, Dec 20 11:53 AM stellarartwars review of Unhappy Holidays by texasradiofish
Fantastic work, amazing live style sound, it would fit a film or TV just fine!
Sat, Dec 14 7:57 AM stellarartwars review of Not So Happy Holidays by Kara Square
Fantastic writing, performance and production. Love Love Love!!!
Wed, Dec 11 2:09 PM stellarartwars review of end of us by penston
super psychedelic work, enjoyed!
Mon, Nov 11 4:14 PM stellarartwars review of This Is The Age Of Cocaine (Remix) by Robbero
great work, goes well with Kara's uke!
Thu, Nov 7 3:58 PM stellarartwars review of rat race by latopa
very modern, could be a hit in the right hands
Wed, Nov 6 1:01 PM stellarartwars review of Revolver by Robbero
Cool little minimalistic techno effort, would suit the chill-out room of a club....
Tue, Oct 29 3:10 PM stellarartwars review of I Spy (Jeepers Peepers Mix) by duckett
Great work, love it!
Tue, Oct 29 7:26 AM stellarartwars review of The Patient Ground by Papa_Zulu
A cooler and darker version, the vocals cut through better on this, great mix.
Mon, Oct 28 7:30 AM stellarartwars review of New Earth by Snowflake
Oddly enough, reminds me of Toxic by Britney with of Avicii thrown in. Super com...
Mon, Oct 28 6:30 AM stellarartwars review of I Know Your Voice by Blake
Rather good, something that MTV would probably playlist with a suitable video. G...
Sun, Oct 27 5:20 AM stellarartwars review of Urgency by Mana Junkie
Has an early edition FruityLoops retro sound- funny how classic software can bec...