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Reviews left by soundtails

Sat, May 11 9:04 PM soundtails review of Ornery Brunt (New Combination) by Speck
Its funky..and dam near 70 degrees...right on!
Sat, May 11 8:57 PM soundtails review of Come Inside by Zep Hurme
like Xanadu Nice works now make something citizens it maybe the future a piece o...
Thu, Mar 14 2:04 AM soundtails review of Staying Positive by spinningmerkaba
Got that get lucky groove "We've come too far to give up who we are So let's r...
Thu, Feb 28 12:27 AM soundtails review of Prima Donald's Dick by Speck
The Witches brew like...oh the Miles it took to cook!. Nice Work all.
Thu, Feb 28 12:25 AM soundtails review of Donald Dick by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Nice....Miles Davis like was thinking Witches Brew and Resistance. Today 2/27/19...
Sat, Feb 23 11:54 PM soundtails review of Make America Trip Again by septahelix
Wow..A Sound trip inspiring made me think of gettting to Woodstock 19 man...be n...
Sat, Feb 23 11:23 PM soundtails review of I Can't Remember (Folk Mix) by Speck
Beauty like a Yes song....I rem.
Mon, Feb 18 9:52 PM soundtails review of Will we ever blindly love by Kristian Skybound
Risk assessment.
Mon, Feb 18 8:16 PM soundtails review of Space Flight by Imunar
let alone stem cell research! "So Far no help will come from elsewhere." - Carl ...
Sat, Feb 9 1:03 AM soundtails review of Wall of Sound by Apoxode
Good job if this was playing in the town im stuck in I would be out dancing alon...
Sat, Feb 9 12:40 AM soundtails review of MORPH INSTRUMENTAL by Thedeepr_2019
Melodic Vibrancy of Sound...chills the moment. Downloaded. Thanks.
Mon, Dec 31 5:38 PM soundtails review of Sing A New Song by Speck
Your all so poetic...dam but zombies want something im running that F7th chord c...
Mon, Dec 31 5:30 PM soundtails review of Box Clever by Rizkey G
I like It!
Mon, Dec 31 5:28 PM soundtails review of Love by Stefan Kartenberg
wish i was.
Mon, Dec 31 5:13 PM soundtails review of Victorian Sand by Apoxode
Its Good! rems me of Eric Burden and War....