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Reviews left by soundtails

Tue, Nov 20 3:42 AM soundtails review of Die Trying by Snowflake
We would not be hear if it were not for them that did not. So real...Thanks.
Tue, Nov 20 2:59 AM soundtails review of Liberian Girl by Soulja Unit
Tue, Nov 20 2:54 AM soundtails review of The Session by CSoul
cant believe DO nor anyone hipped this then...well we were busy then some are st...
Wed, Oct 31 8:06 PM soundtails review of The Blender Volume One by Apoxode
Lick the World its ordained! so cool!
Wed, Oct 31 7:58 PM soundtails review of Amplify the Light by raja_ffm
Blue me nice
Wed, Oct 31 7:44 PM soundtails review of Amplify the Light (dimensional pulse remix) by Dimensional_Pulse
Wed, Oct 31 7:36 PM soundtails review of Anywhere Apricot by Speck
How long has it been since i savored a apricot i grabbed a memory sequence still...
Wed, Oct 31 6:37 PM soundtails review of On Swanston by Briareus
Call Watson...on the river...Nice Chords.
Wed, Oct 31 6:25 PM soundtails review of Drones In My Head by Stefan Kartenberg
what a Trip of Sound....were talking Science and Relaxation.....and the Other Li...
Tue, Oct 23 9:40 PM soundtails review of Envision by RizkeyG
Dare anyone to play this on skates!
Tue, Oct 23 9:05 PM soundtails review of Twilight One by septahelix
Funky yo
Sat, Sep 22 11:49 PM soundtails review of Reflection Flow by Doxent Zsigmond
Calmed my mind only for a few seconds tonight...its tired of processing, hate, s...
Sat, Sep 22 11:07 PM soundtails review of Dub The Vote by Speck
To bad that door to door, calling is ineffective.They say that 50% of calls made...
Sat, Sep 22 10:53 PM soundtails review of Get Out to Vote - Vocals by Kara Square
Thanks for Your Service to the cause of Democracy....Letting you know their are ...
Sat, Sep 22 10:28 PM soundtails review of Get Out to Vote - Kara Square and Piero Peluche by Piero Peluche
Pound the pavement Im pounding the buttons and some words...lot of fact checks d...