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Reviews left by soundtails

Sat, Apr 24 12:46 AM soundtails review of Calling on Dolphins by fourstones
and a funky title we swam into biology they did not understand the biology of hu...
Thu, Apr 22 2:50 PM soundtails review of Harmony by Snowflake
Came back for my pilgrimage, and to the Father of Earth Day Gaylord Nelson. Than...
Tue, Apr 20 12:22 AM soundtails review of Notice Me by Snowflake
The Conscious is online and awareness within the madness, our minds are taking u...
Sat, Mar 27 11:48 PM soundtails review of Seven Minute Love by septahelix
Experts using others, while sitting on the side line I get it. Totally successfu...
Sat, Mar 27 11:23 PM soundtails review of Rainbow by diaphane
Wow im lost in the quagmire english
Sat, Mar 27 11:08 PM soundtails review of A Billion Stars by Robbero
Trillion have to update it.
Sat, Mar 27 11:06 PM soundtails review of politics by eightprime
Trump drove me craZy! and the next one say's a god willing?
Sat, Mar 27 11:00 PM soundtails review of 99 percent Noise by eightprime
I had to return to this why? its creative! no sax?
Fri, Mar 26 11:10 PM soundtails review of Decide by Dan_Mantau
As sound artists do you really listen to the words? words are not music or am i ...
Fri, Mar 26 11:05 PM soundtails review of Decide by Y_Niazi
Classical? God? Soul? no questions? no lyrics posted?
Fri, Mar 26 10:52 PM soundtails review of Butterflies On The Inside by Zep Hurme
I resist to go back present for forward. Im sorry. Earth Hour its for the Childr...
Fri, Mar 26 10:42 PM soundtails review of All Alone by ScOmBer
Like, I have local beer amber lager rather have Mary Jane. Its Earth Hr turn off...