Adaptation Remix Event is History

Reviews left by soundtails

Tue, May 8 12:46 AM soundtails review of Haze by Dan_Mantau
Like the Sound Mix Vocals with theme, love is can be like pollution adapt or boo...
Tue, May 8 12:08 AM soundtails review of Adaptation (Snowflake) by Zep Hurme
Very Nice indeed freaked me out im thinking what Sting part of this...
Mon, Mar 5 1:13 AM soundtails review of Figure It Out by The_Stereo_Inspectors
you envoked the Jazz Crusaders gave me a chain reaction. Right On!
Mon, Mar 5 12:42 AM soundtails review of What Did You Do? by The_Stereo_Inspectors
Sweet and let it be imperfection...then obsolete or illogical.
Mon, Mar 5 12:32 AM soundtails review of Expand Your Horizons by Zep Hurme
EDM Dance track
Mon, Mar 5 12:04 AM soundtails review of Thou Shalt Not Kill (Surrender Your Weapons) by Snowflake
I hear ya!
Mon, Mar 5 12:02 AM soundtails review of Thou Shalt Not Kill by Stefan Kartenberg
I hear ya
Thu, Feb 15 10:01 AM soundtails review of Skyline by Stefan Kartenberg
This would of been cool to hear playing when Kim/Shaun did their thing on them s...
Wed, Feb 7 1:08 PM soundtails review of Traveling Lights by texasradiofish
Rockin Track got that funkin space feel and watching the Starman riding a tesLa ...
Wed, Dec 27 12:14 AM soundtails review of Snowriffs by Javolenus
Like the Sound!
Wed, Dec 27 12:05 AM soundtails review of Blue December by Javolenus
So Beauty!
Wed, Dec 27 12:03 AM soundtails review of kiss of hope skywork remix by kris_sky
Mr. Kris a name change is obsolete it maybe a symptom of multi-tasking so beauti...
Tue, Dec 26 11:39 PM soundtails review of For Christmas by Stefan Kartenberg
So jammin & beautiful Mr. Stefan & Kara Acoustic!
Tue, Dec 26 11:37 PM soundtails review of For Christmas by Kara Square
My Mother was cool!
Tue, Dec 26 11:27 PM soundtails review of Dust From The Stars (80s EBM Mix) by Mr. Pepino
Dig this Im a Kara Fan Music/Science Freak. Dig that that fat like synthesis! Br...