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Reviews left by soundtails

Sat, Jul 21 11:57 PM soundtails review of Listen To My Violin by Speck
people focus on the resistance near a backpack with logic and reality and wantin...
Sat, Jul 21 11:17 PM soundtails review of La mort du serpent (Mix 2018) by Bluemillenium
A Journey in and of Sounds...Excellent.
Sat, Jul 21 11:10 PM soundtails review of now by SackJo22
Funky Sound cant help being reminded by the vocals of the fraction of a dot....a...
Sat, Jul 7 10:41 AM soundtails review of Twitch by Rataxes
Motivating sound/lyrics nice work! call it a bluff invites challenge the game ti...
Fri, Jul 6 2:29 AM soundtails review of California Drinking by Speck
Listening got my mind off thinking about why my time machine is not working need...
Fri, Jul 6 2:11 AM soundtails review of The New Americana by panu
Right On!
Thu, Jul 5 11:12 AM soundtails review of Vacuum by Rataxes
"amazing what people can put together, feel the sound alright. Humans for everyt...
Tue, Jul 3 10:42 PM soundtails review of The New Americana by Speck
Right On!
Tue, Jun 19 1:02 AM soundtails review of Crazy Love by Zep Hurme
Were all Aliens! in search of Funk Nice Work Zep! and SongB!
Wed, Jun 13 11:43 PM soundtails review of panspermia by airtone
Well done and I believe panspermia is plausible. Thanks
Tue, May 8 12:46 AM soundtails review of Haze by Dan_Mantau
Like the Sound Mix Vocals with theme, love is can be like pollution adapt or boo...
Tue, May 8 12:08 AM soundtails review of Adaptation (Snowflake) by Zep Hurme
Very Nice indeed freaked me out im thinking what Sting part of this...
Mon, Mar 5 1:13 AM soundtails review of Figure It Out by The_Stereo_Inspectors
you envoked the Jazz Crusaders gave me a chain reaction. Right On!
Mon, Mar 5 12:42 AM soundtails review of What Did You Do? by The_Stereo_Inspectors
Sweet and let it be imperfection...then obsolete or illogical.
Mon, Mar 5 12:32 AM soundtails review of Expand Your Horizons by Zep Hurme
EDM Dance track