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Reviews left by soundtails

Thu, Oct 17 2:15 AM soundtails review of I Go Out by Loveshadow
Good groove/vocals rems me "Turn on, tune in, drop out" - Timothy Leary.
Thu, Oct 17 2:04 AM soundtails review of Freedom by MissJudged
Agree religions mislead people and the Universe is a big place Value your Planet...
Thu, Oct 3 10:13 PM soundtails review of Not Taking The Bait by Speck
Well said and composed.
Wed, Oct 2 11:06 PM soundtails review of Tiny Spaceships by Hans Atom
Matrix no need for fossil fuels, labels, or egos. Very cool!
Tue, Sep 17 8:33 PM soundtails review of Perspective - It's What You See by Speck
Very Dynamic!
Tue, Sep 17 8:30 PM soundtails review of Deflated & Alone by K
I like it and according to some research Its normal nowadays!
Mon, Sep 9 2:39 AM soundtails review of Apathy Is Invincibility by K
Has a Psychedelic rock memorizing nice work gents oh yes play on.
Mon, Sep 9 2:25 AM soundtails review of Black Is The Night by Siobhan Dakay
Funky like Halloween Mix Dig it!
Fri, Sep 6 1:12 AM soundtails review of Vertigo by texasradiofish
Benign paroxysmal positional funk music. Nice work.
Sat, Aug 31 11:59 PM soundtails review of A Black Cat Crossed My Tail by texasradiofish
Funky Cats Inspired
Sat, Aug 31 11:10 PM soundtails review of Come Inside by 7OOP3D
Very Moving.....like the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis thats playing outdoo...
Sat, Aug 31 10:54 PM soundtails review of expand your minds by K
Beautiful! ...Am im watching the Aurora tonight on Camera from Alaska so cool..
Thu, Aug 29 7:09 PM soundtails review of As a Cloud by Apoxode
Thu, Aug 29 7:01 PM soundtails review of Mercurial Justice by Apoxode
Chill indeed!
Thu, Aug 29 6:56 PM soundtails review of The Hot Tub Is Too Hot by septahelix
Got me every time....the hot tube that is..I miss nature..