Ocean Dreams Music Event

Reviews left by Snowflake

Sat, Apr 9 2:52 PM Snowflake review of Never again by reiswerk
lovely chill reggae groove to stir support for the innocent. your instrumental m...
Thu, Apr 7 1:34 PM Snowflake review of Corridors by Javolenus
Thu, Apr 7 1:32 PM Snowflake review of Dodgy Geezers by Radioontheshelf
Thank you for speaking truth to power with music.
Thu, Apr 7 1:30 PM Snowflake review of Liberty Road (the road to Kharkiv) by ScOmBer
tears are falling, my heart is breaking. thank you for your tenderness. beautifu...
Thu, Apr 7 1:28 PM Snowflake review of never again is just a prayer by Kiki (Sunstream FM)
beautiful. wish it was more than a prayer. thank you for remixing me.
Thu, Apr 7 1:25 PM Snowflake review of Vidi Aquam by Admiral Bob
Hauntingly beautiful.
Thu, Apr 7 1:24 PM Snowflake review of Bodies In The Street by Radioontheshelf
so deeply powerful and a cathartic journey for my breaking heart today.
Fri, Apr 1 9:16 AM Snowflake review of NEVER AGAIN by THE_CONCEPT_OF_ENERGY
fists in the air! honored to be part of this rockin' protest track. thank you f...
Thu, Mar 24 9:02 PM Snowflake review of Say Something by Loveshadow
I am so deeply moved by the tenderness of this beautiful production. The space b...
Wed, Mar 16 9:10 AM Snowflake review of Post Imaginal by Speck
so very honored to be included in this powerful art.
Wed, Mar 16 9:09 AM Snowflake review of Never Again by raja_ffm
i love the emotion of the chorus with those power chords and the breakdown secti...
Sun, Mar 13 9:03 PM Snowflake review of STOP by Bluemillenium
would love to know the translation of the opening section..... thoughtful and a...