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Reviews left by slumberlords

Thu, Mar 6 3:17 PM slumberlords review of violinear by moondub
moondub youve made something really special. i cant tell you in words how much i...
Mon, Mar 3 11:39 AM slumberlords review of Lemme Pornify by fourstones
agreed - cool title. Excellent mix, agree with JL too short, just getting into t...
Mon, Mar 3 11:23 AM slumberlords review of Otto Dangerfield 03'2008 by DJ.E-State
This is pretty cool man! pretty cool indeed..
Mon, Mar 3 11:22 AM slumberlords review of anniversary waltz by oldDog
I absolutely love this! Brilliant stuff!
Mon, Mar 3 11:21 AM slumberlords review of February..and fly the gazelle by ditto ditto
this is good man very good >)
Sun, Mar 2 2:20 AM slumberlords review of Morning Birds (Nearly Mute Trouz Mix) by Kaer Trouz
your best mix so far!! Well done :)
Sat, Feb 23 10:22 AM slumberlords review of Spank That Booty_Dark Room Lap Dance Remix by J.Lang
brilliant remix from Mr. BEAT.!!
Fri, Feb 22 3:53 AM slumberlords review of Down the Lighted Path by Darkroom
great use of the mellow piano, and the bass/drums - well I just love it! really ...
Thu, Feb 21 3:48 PM slumberlords review of Virginia's Blues by Ruggea
i really really like this! the words are ethereal and beautiful.
Mon, Feb 18 3:42 PM slumberlords review of I want to tell you by oldDog
i really like this, you brought something new and original from this track.
Mon, Feb 18 11:59 AM slumberlords review of Like they Used to (cdk 420 mix) by Analog By Nature
cdk this is superb.
Fri, Feb 15 11:35 PM slumberlords review of Steven, One More Glass Please by Kaer Trouz
where the hell did this come fromn?? this is absolutely awesome, awesome stuf!! ...
Wed, Feb 13 1:57 AM slumberlords review of Don't Be Afraid by Darkroom
i like the natural guitary feel 2 this, its really really good - i enjoyed the w...
Wed, Feb 13 1:55 AM slumberlords review of Around Dusk (Treatment) by fourstones
This is brilliant, expertly mixed song, using KH's voice 2 full effect. I love t...
Tue, Feb 12 10:45 AM slumberlords review of PLoo 5b Instrumental by FGrn Grn
this is freakin cool