Deep Roots Remix Event
Mon, Jun 20 1:43 AM Announcements :: Beach Blanket Secret Mixter
so we have to upload songs on the 18th? It's the 20th today can I upload a song?...
Tue, Aug 31 3:09 PM The Big OT :: Prince: the internet is over
sorry for late reply, im a prince fan, not liking his latest output much. howeve...
Thu, Aug 26 2:59 PM Help :: upload profile pic size fury
can the picture upload be changed? Im getting tired of trying to reduce the size...
Fri, Jun 6 6:43 PM RFP Discussions :: My Views on the RFP and the Future of ccMixter
OK, ill get straight to the point. Firstly, Vic, you are not that easy to replac...
Fri, Apr 25 7:08 PM Help :: Collaboration Feature
hi there, sorry for the late response, ive been trying to get a business up and ...
Fri, Apr 25 6:37 PM Help :: Collaboration Feature
Is there any way to have an open collaboration? That is people can join and uplo...
Thu, Apr 17 3:05 PM Features :: Collaborate?
teru's right, the forums get WAY more traffic than the collabs page. But I he...
Sat, Jan 19 2:36 AM Help :: Collaboration Feature
actually it uploaded, there was just no confirmation screen
Sat, Jan 19 2:34 AM Help :: Collaboration Feature
im having trouble uploading on the collab, files are less than 5meg..
Fri, Jan 18 4:38 AM Help :: Collaboration Feature
anyone like to collab with me, let me know.
Wed, Dec 5 4:22 AM Features :: "recent remixes" - additional list on the left side of the web page?
ok i see your point. your protecting the website and want to make good first imp...
Wed, Dec 5 2:47 AM Features :: "recent remixes" - additional list on the left side of the web page?
didnt see those posts. sorry. yeah, clearly its a feature that we all want!!
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