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Mon, Aug 26 5:45 PM Pluggy Plugs :: secret mixter helper tool
May have to try this out next time. Greets!
Tue, Nov 10 4:16 PM Announcements :: THE WHITE CUBE REMIX PROJECT
This is so very perfectly up or down my alley. Gurdonark may know what I mean.
Sat, Oct 31 9:20 AM RFP Discussions :: My Take on the Transfer of Operations to ATM
In any and all cases, I'd like to thank Victor for helping to make the last five...
Wed, Oct 21 4:36 AM Announcements :: Secret Mixter Oct. 09 - DJ Vadim Remixes You
That was a general reply up there^
Wed, Oct 21 4:35 AM Announcements :: Secret Mixter Oct. 09 - DJ Vadim Remixes You
Damn! I meant to get on this bandwagon (not sure if the pun was intended or not...
Mon, Mar 2 2:51 PM Pluggy Plugs :: neu samplez
Dropped by with a few samples, a couple of piano parts someone might be able to ...
Mon, Feb 23 4:16 AM Pluggy Plugs :: Playlist: Samples - Multi Ethnic Acoustic Instruments
Thanks for this playlist, great idea!
Mon, Feb 16 3:05 PM The Big OT :: secret mixter 5 assignments out
Crap! "I thought we had anytime today?!" Of course. In fact the playlist...
Wed, Jan 28 6:52 PM The Big OT :: Secret Mixter 5
I mean sign me up! By the Way, I didn't know there was a Secret Mixter 1-4? I ...
Wed, Jan 28 6:51 PM The Big OT :: Secret Mixter 5
It has been a while, oh too long,!!!
Mon, May 12 1:55 PM DIY :: The Gender Identity of CC Mixter
Hey, I did just that in response to a silly request. Check out my pella of one ...
Thu, May 8 7:32 PM DIY :: Drums and programming
I've asked a few mixers out there about how they go about dealing with drums. I...
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