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Reviews left by shimoda

Mon, Nov 7 6:02 PM shimoda review of Full Star Resurrection by PorchCat
This takes some opening of time and space and mind, but it feels a bit like fall...
Mon, Nov 7 5:57 PM shimoda review of SunnyDayWars (Constellations Mix) by duckett
Being into the atmospheric, I am really digging this. It's like a hazy memory o...
Mon, Oct 31 2:46 PM shimoda review of Shimmering Image by Speck
I woke up Sunday to see this had been posted. I had a 12 mile run I needed to g...
Mon, Feb 27 4:37 AM shimoda review of If You Wait (Anahitas Promise) by Loveshadow
Never a letdown, but the stunning quality of the overall track, the samples used...
Wed, Feb 22 6:15 PM shimoda review of Dangerous Change by The.Spirit.Of.Light
like to see a "how i did it" for this one, simply smooth.
Tue, Feb 21 3:24 PM shimoda review of RAP MARTYR by BOCrew
Fun, crisp, clean production. Nice in my ears.
Tue, Feb 21 3:13 PM shimoda review of When Things are the Fraction of a Fractal by annabloom
Had no idea.. this is a great, interesting mix.
Sun, Feb 19 6:11 AM shimoda review of What do you do with the Poem by Vidian
It's quite interesting to hear what has been done with my samples between them a...
Sat, Feb 4 7:42 PM shimoda review of Ghosts Of Lees by Kaer Trouz
So so good to hear you at work again Kaer, truly warm and well, satisfying. Hop...
Thu, Jan 5 4:20 PM shimoda review of Nobody Does It Better than Butter by Elijah Lucian
Ha Ha, didn't think this would ever be dug up, but to be put on such a hip funny...
Thu, Jul 7 5:06 PM shimoda review of ManaTyme (Lemonade Mix) by duckett
ecleticism side chained through a filter of metal and ice. goes down smooth, ta...
Thu, Jul 7 5:02 PM shimoda review of Fish by Morusque
sweet hot damn!!!
Mon, Jul 4 5:00 PM shimoda review of Border Legends, Red Light mix by AT
Aces audiotechnica, aces all the way.
Sun, Jul 3 10:50 AM shimoda review of What are you lookin' at? by Carosone
Funny, so funny man. Parts of the use of vocals here give me a sense of a Phish...
Mon, Mar 28 5:14 AM shimoda review of you! (na-na-na-na) by DoKashiteru
No doubt a secret masterpiece. DoK you are definitely hot here. Straight up fr...