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Reviews left by shagrugge

Sun, Apr 6 10:40 AM shagrugge review of DNA Funkdafied Mix by Lasswell
This is a solid mix, I can hear a bunch of other samples on this site that could...
Sun, Apr 6 8:45 AM shagrugge review of I Don't Like It Here by duckett
holy hell what year did you travel back to in order to rip that violin? During t...
Sun, Apr 6 8:06 AM shagrugge review of Ophelia tied up rmx by silviobondage
dig the industrial glitch approach to the beats...not as dark as expected, in fa...
Mon, Mar 31 8:52 PM shagrugge review of Nobody's Got My DNA (A Capella) by KCentric
one word K, skill... the headz will nod to this
Sat, Mar 29 8:23 AM shagrugge review of beckfords funny by beckfords
This is great man thanks for uploading this
Sat, Mar 29 8:10 AM shagrugge review of Blue Skys by Tekno_Eddy
love the buildups and meltdowns a well-authored mashup indeed
Tue, Mar 25 10:56 AM shagrugge review of Sanctuary by ANTIQCOOL
a very nice vocal, thank you for the contribution
Mon, Mar 24 7:48 PM shagrugge review of REMIXER LEGION (NO KNICKERS RMX)-ASHWAN by ASHWAN
when Ashwan uploads, is when I click stream
Mon, Mar 24 7:44 PM shagrugge review of Black Is The Night by Scott Altham
yes indeed, a very chill vibe
Fri, Mar 14 8:16 AM shagrugge review of Histoire de Rien / Friday by teru
stunned, a perfect example how these two pieces independently recorded were abso...
Tue, Mar 11 5:57 PM shagrugge review of History of Nothing by PorchCat
enjoyed the subtle elements to this, nice work of taking what sounded like a bri...
Tue, Mar 11 5:38 PM shagrugge review of Spank da booty [pornophony reMix] by GJOID
wild indeed...this is one of those late night wake the drunk mufu(kas up at the ...
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