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Reviews left by rocavaco

Mon, Nov 16 2:39 AM rocavaco review of One Step (Funky Mix) by CSoul
I love bass. And this one is particularly good - and not only the bass!
Mon, Nov 16 2:12 AM rocavaco review of The Edge (deeplastik secret remix) by Deeplastik
I love what you did with this orchestral track by onlymeith! The drums and synth...
Mon, Nov 16 1:51 AM rocavaco review of Carosone - The Gigolo Song (cdk Remix) by Analog By Nature
Very cool how you freshened up an already complete track
Mon, Nov 16 1:34 AM rocavaco review of Not to be by Carosone
I like that you included a melody. So its easy to listen but keeps being enthral...
Mon, Nov 16 1:01 AM rocavaco review of Fallwind by 7OOP3D
Fantastischer Sound, als hätte ich 10 Boxen im Raum verteilt!
Sun, Nov 15 8:49 AM rocavaco review of The Long Chain by Briareus
I love this Briareus signature sound and missed it for quite a while.
Sun, Nov 15 6:21 AM rocavaco review of Welcome To Quarkstar by Loveshadow
Deep dive into deep space. Deep sounds. Like!
Sun, Nov 15 4:16 AM rocavaco review of Telling Lies by Dan_Mantau
Absolutely stunning British bossa. Never heard such a mix. Cool cool cool!
Sun, Nov 15 4:11 AM rocavaco review of Saint Martins Lane by Scomber
Excellent backing track with catchy drums. orchestral x electronic x funk = like...
Sun, Nov 15 4:04 AM rocavaco review of White In The Moon by Anchor
Oohh - so beautiful! Thank you very much for this remix! And your sisters vocals...
Sun, Nov 15 3:39 AM rocavaco review of State of Mind by Jeris
Jeris goes Goa. Constant foot tapping (but nearly too fast ;)
Sun, Nov 15 3:22 AM rocavaco review of Change Something by Speck
Seasons change, time change, people change - the message that we no more young p...
Sun, Nov 15 2:58 AM rocavaco review of Loving Men - CSoul at 90bpm feat. Ciggiburns by Siobhan Dakay
Yes, sounds like a real CSoul. Very interesting mix of lots of sources. Gut gema...
Sun, Nov 15 2:41 AM rocavaco review of Be The Track. . . . . by panu
Very nice and relaxed sound. Perfect fit of all parts. Like!
Sun, Nov 15 2:24 AM rocavaco review of release.JOY.release by SackJo22
Real JOY!