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Reviews left by Rewob

Wed, Jul 28 12:38 AM Rewob review of Truth and Fact (with Piano) by Siobhan Dakay
Beautiful intricate piano delicately balanced with Kara's voice. Superb.
Thu, Jul 22 10:05 AM Rewob review of Eye On The Prize by Tom_O
What a great voice. I've dropped a couple of lines in a track I'm doing, seems t...
Tue, Jul 20 11:17 PM Rewob review of Enchanted ft. Rewob by Apoxode
Excellent work Apoxode. All the sounds blend nicely together to give this track ...
Sun, Jul 18 9:48 AM Rewob review of Lights Writing by Milky_Blue
I love everything about this track, the subtle gentle sounds, uncluttered and cl...
Sun, Jul 18 9:42 AM Rewob review of Magic Unfolds by Kara Square
Great pairing. Thought provoking lyrics and a beautiful piano combine to give a ...
Sun, Jul 18 9:36 AM Rewob review of I'm Not Sure (Vanished Mix) by Siobhan Dakay
Gentle and very beautiful.
Sun, Jul 18 9:28 AM Rewob review of inTENsity secret mixter by Stefan Kartenberg
Great energy!!
Sun, Jul 18 9:22 AM Rewob review of Magic Hours by spinningmerkaba
Great track, Well deserved Ed pick.
Sun, Jul 18 3:17 AM Rewob review of Orient Nights by zikweb
Great choice of sounds, great bass line.
Sun, Jul 18 3:07 AM Rewob review of Yesterdays Blues by Radioontheshelf
Clean open bluesy production.
Sun, Jul 18 1:01 AM Rewob review of On the Bridge by Snowflake
Just beautiful.
Sun, Jul 18 12:55 AM Rewob review of My Foolish Secret by ScOmBer
Great mix
Thu, Jun 17 10:59 PM Rewob review of Somewhere Something by Zep Hurme
Great vocal and stunning guitar work.
Thu, Apr 1 10:30 PM Rewob review of All Alone by texasradiofish
Brill, bluesy ballad.
Sat, Feb 13 6:58 AM Rewob review of Out There Somewhere .... by VickyDan
Epic track, hauntingly beautiful. Blown away.