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Reviews left by Rewob

Thu, Jan 7 12:54 AM Rewob review of Happy New Year by Loveshadow
Beautiful song, perfect lyrics, Great vocal.
Tue, Dec 15 4:59 AM Rewob review of Wait here for you by Scomber
Well deserved Ed pick. Lovely blend of voices and excellent guitar work. Super
Tue, Dec 15 12:23 AM Rewob review of Carry Us Home by Loveshadow
Beautiful floating tapestry of sounds bathing my senses.
Tue, Dec 15 12:15 AM Rewob review of Technicolor Dreams by Briareus
Hi Briareus, Really liked your secret mixter remix of "I Dream". Pure ambients w...
Sun, Dec 13 12:41 PM Rewob review of Save Us by Snowflake
Dynamic duo indeed. Beautiful ambient track, pulsing bass synth with a powerful ...
Sun, Dec 13 9:40 AM Rewob review of Severed Roots - Vocals by Kara Square
Such powerful words at a very sad time in your life Kara. My condolences for yo...
Sun, Dec 13 7:45 AM Rewob review of A Little Ditty on the Dance Floor by J.Lang
Nice chilled out track, just the ticket for a relaxing listen with my coffee.
Sun, Dec 13 7:38 AM Rewob review of The Leaving Of The Angel by Radioontheshelf
Heavenly, love the combination of guitar and drone bass coupled with panu's voca...
Sun, Dec 13 7:25 AM Rewob review of For You, I'll Jazz There (feat DJazzlang) by Siobhan Dakay
Super smooth jazz vibe.Great bass and percussion underpinning the many melodies ...
Sun, Dec 13 7:18 AM Rewob review of The night is calling by Kraftamt
My ears and senses are bathed in this intriguing and atmospheric mix
Sun, Dec 13 7:11 AM Rewob review of walking man by panu
Cool ethnic collection of sounds woven around the spoken word. Fascinating mix,e...
Sat, Nov 28 5:23 AM Rewob review of Worth It Then Choral & Orchestral Remix by CSoul by CSoul
Stirring orchestral piece coupled with the delicate vocal. Just what I needed a...
Sat, Nov 28 5:17 AM Rewob review of Worth it then by sparky
This is indeed a lovely soft rock song. A worthy Ed pick. Thanks for the enjoyab...
Sat, Nov 28 1:51 AM Rewob review of Today Is The Day by Subliminal
Great industrial pulse compliments the vocal and spoken word. Interesting chord ...
Wed, Nov 18 1:05 AM Rewob review of Too Deep [Jihfa Remix] by Jihfa
Electronic ambient pulse and Snowflake's excellent vocal, You've got to love th...