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Reviews left by Rewob

Wed, Jul 29 12:27 AM Rewob review of Nothing Changes by Radioontheshelf
Well crafted open composition. Orchestral stabs blend well with Kara's delicate ...
Fri, Jun 12 6:28 AM Rewob review of Won't ask you why/Try Again. by Loveshadow
As always a beautiful mix, love the vocal FX. I could do with your bag o' tricks...
Fri, Dec 13 5:51 AM Rewob review of Up on the Housetop by Stefan Kartenberg
Lovely festive start to Christmas
Sun, Jun 24 2:08 AM Rewob review of Where the Heart Is by Loveshadow
Loveshadow this is a brilliant track. Great polished production and arrangement....
Sun, Jun 3 3:25 AM Rewob review of Detachment by Aussens@iter
Cool vib, nice guitar and keyboard. Good work.
Sun, Jun 3 3:20 AM Rewob review of Adaptation Is Surrender by Speck
Beautifully laid back, good vocal, superb chord structure. Nice mix. I would lov...
Sun, Jun 3 3:17 AM Rewob review of Age of AI (d'n'b mix) by Mr. Pepino
Spooky track good work
Sun, Jun 3 3:13 AM Rewob review of The Mac Flo by RizKeyG
Great track, good work here
Sun, Jun 3 3:07 AM Rewob review of End of the Game by Scomber
Cool vib here.Nice work
Sat, May 26 1:14 AM Rewob review of In The Garden by Aussens@iter
Beautifully laid back guitar work, well structured chord sequence blends so well...
Sat, May 26 1:06 AM Rewob review of The Phatman Blues by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Great feel and drive to this inspirational track. Foot tapping goodness.
Sun, Apr 22 1:56 AM Rewob review of Rooted In Soil by Aussens@iter
Melodic clean and open. Great split leads
Sun, Apr 22 1:48 AM Rewob review of Blood is Red by charlie_charles
Great atmospherics and spatial synths make this track a feast for my ears
Fri, Mar 30 12:13 AM Rewob review of Noir by Javolenus
Haunting and beautiful. Nice one
Fri, Mar 30 12:09 AM Rewob review of Up 2 Us by Aussens@iter
Beautiful song