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Reviews left by Rewob

Sat, Oct 1 6:58 AM Rewob review of Redeemed by reiswerk
What a good listen, Nice haunting pad, spatial piano, great choice of samples co...
Sat, Oct 1 6:48 AM Rewob review of Is It Too Early To Panic? by Radioontheshelf
Great mix with a very strong message. Nice work
Sun, Sep 18 3:35 AM Rewob review of Dreaming Apoxode by Martin Cee (softmartin)
Hypnotic mix. Love the crunchy bassline.
Sun, Sep 18 3:30 AM Rewob review of Life Is But a Dream by Kara Square
This track is a dream. What a wonderful listen, beautifully crafted backing with...
Sun, Sep 11 2:18 AM Rewob review of All These Colors ft ScOmBer by Apoxode
Reminds me of Little Fluffy Clouds, musical rhythmic energy blending with the sp...
Sun, Sep 11 2:08 AM Rewob review of brokencloud by airtone
Nice work airtone. Such a soothing track, well-structured with all elements blen...
Thu, Aug 11 6:59 AM Rewob review of Inside Outside by GregKrezos
You can't keep a good vocal down. A good remix. Nice work on addition vocals
Thu, Aug 11 6:49 AM Rewob review of Sundrown by Robert Warrington
This is a great bluesy track
Sun, Jul 10 4:13 AM Rewob review of I Emerge by raja_ffm
Great track, really well put together. Nice work
Sun, Jul 10 4:06 AM Rewob review of Ocean Dreams Meditation by Kara Square
Having just listened to this track I'm completely chilled out again. A beautifu...
Sun, Jul 10 3:57 AM Rewob review of Cetacean Meditation by Zenboy1955
Absolutely stunning track. What a great listen.
Sun, Jul 10 3:55 AM Rewob review of echolocation by airtone
Wow. This is a beautiful soundscape. A well deserved Ed pick. Nice work.