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Reviews left by plurgid

Tue, Jan 29 8:07 AM plurgid review of Chop Suey Jazz (mutilated Boddyker mix) by shagrugge
this is simply brilliant. awesome.
Tue, Jan 29 7:59 AM plurgid review of Im the shit -- DjiZ - Bandits legacy RmX by Kwame
oh HELL yeah! this is hot, hot, hot dude!
Tue, Jan 29 7:51 AM plurgid review of Got To Rock (StreetBall Mix) by Ezy Axis
seriously nice scratchin'. vox seem outa sync in places, but the BEAT IS HOT, d...
Tue, Jan 29 7:49 AM plurgid review of Remixah Leejun* (ccMixter) BOOTLEG reMIX by J.Lang
yeah that theater organ things is a nice sound on the beat. sweet.
Tue, Jan 29 7:43 AM plurgid review of Santiago [Omni Vista's Midnight Mix] by Omni Vista
Wow ... this is fantastic! It's a shame the flash player won't play it for so...
Tue, Jan 29 7:32 AM plurgid review of What I gonna do (captain beef mix) by captainbeef
you don't hear near enough hip-hop recorder-flute these days. well done!
Mon, Jan 28 6:28 PM plurgid review of Scared of My Own Blood A Cappella by sunbyrn
here since '05? How in the hell did I miss this one?? AWESOME!
Mon, Jan 28 6:22 PM plurgid review of Perfect Love by MarcoRaaphorst
real tight!!
Wed, Jan 23 7:56 PM plurgid review of Zae (a cappella) by Zae
wow! beautiful!
Mon, Jan 21 9:03 AM plurgid review of Fixing My Brain by gillies
very likable mix .... cab maybe bring the master levels up a bit though.
Mon, Jan 21 8:57 AM plurgid review of Anchored in London by radiotimes
"yyyyyouuuuu gave meee thaaaa wilieeeeeesss" ... lol. genius, I say!
Mon, Jan 21 8:46 AM plurgid review of Robot Girlfriend (Tech Trance Remix) by Dan S.
Well you know I'm always down for that 90's dancefloor sound! Reminds me of t...
Mon, Jan 21 7:32 AM plurgid review of Slippershell (polite) by jaspertine
I hear you. I've struggled with the same impulse to try and "make a hit". It's ...
Mon, Jan 21 7:23 AM plurgid review of Revenge (Mix Cuit A Four) by Kaer Trouz
Damn, this is sweet. The Atmosphere on this is simply incredible. Just ... wo...
Mon, Jan 21 7:17 AM plurgid review of Rise Again* The j.lang TREATMEANT by J.Lang
Man, I love that electric piano. It's jazzy and soulful. different and cool.